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It’s been almost two years since I’ve written on this blog. I used to write here a lot, but that was mostly about 6-7 years ago when my 8 year-old Evelyne was a toddler.  I’ve picked it back up here and there, but it never stuck.  So here I am picking it back up again! Previously, I’ve written about my kids, parenthood, faith, and just random silliness.  Here’s a little walk down memory lane: * one of my most ridiculous posts ever that still makes me die laughing! * the time I was terrified to go from one to two children (Seeing as now I have four, I shake my head at my poor, naive self who didn’t know what a nightmare of an adjustment I would have and how easy I had it with one!) *where I confessed that I feel like a bad mom sometimes *that August with two ER visits * what I learned from my miscarriage There’s all sorts of other gems and embarrassing tidbits back in the archives, so if for some reason you feel like punishing yourself by reading all the indulgent minutiae of my daily life six years ago…. Just please don’t tell me! 2965186113_f62fccae60 Blogging has always been good for me.  Even in the most ridiculous posts, there’s something about the writing that is good for my introspective side and the putting it out there into the world that’s good for my extroverted side. I’m hoping that from here on out this blog won’t be quite as much a journal of my own stuff as much as a place that allows me to connect with others and maybe even offer something helpful back to my readers.  Sure hope ya stick around!


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