Public Service Announcement

DON’T just decide one day that although you’ve never had bangs in your life, you really want them now.

DON’T watch a few YouTube videos about how to cut bangs, take some scissors in the bathroom and start wacking away, confident that you know what you’re doing and somehow you’ll just make it work.

DON’T grab a really huge hunk of hair and just make one big cut, having no idea how thick your bangs should be or how far back on your head will look good.

If you still choose to do the above actions, DON’T cut them too short and DON’T forget to angle them longer toward the back.

If you don’t heed my advice, your hair might end up like this.

And don’t think that you can just push them forward and wear them down your forehead because they’ll probably look like this.

If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured, you will quickly learn to become adept with bobby pins and various creative ways of pinning your hair back so the general public isn’t aware of your awful decision-making and hair-cutting abilities.  This stage is guaranteed to last at least a month…. perhaps much, much longer.


12 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. OMG, I am laughing so hard I am CRYING right now!!! Only you. 🙂 Thanks for the much needed laughter.


  2. Oh Emily…you crack me up! I love all the pictures.


  3. I am laughing so hard right now! Don’t worry the bobby pins work great and it’s just hair, it will grow back!!

    Remember me – the girl who thought dread locks in high school was a good idea? oh no… its not! I then had to cut off said dread locks and had 2 inch long curly hair all over my head for a LONG time!


  4. there are not words! hahahah


  5. this does not surprise me Em. My friends in college used to hide my scissors from me because I always cut random chunks out of my hair to trim up my layers. Bobby and I thought this was hilarious!


  6. ROFL!!!! I love it! Your facial expressions are priceless!

    At least the bobby pinned back bangs look is all the rage now. Hehe. Hannah Montana wears her hair like that in virtually every episode! 😉


  7. That was awesome, nice.


  8. Seriously laughed so hard when I saw this! You need to be banned from the scissors! First Harris, now yourself? There is a reason that people go to school for years to learn how to cut hair. I actually don’t think they look that bad swept to the side but you should just go to a salon and have them fix them for you so they grow out nice.


  9. You really are funny. Sally cuts on her a lot but only little pieces at any one time. We pay for a professional hair cut for her at least every 6 weeks, but she has to trim on it several times a week between cuts. And I agree with Emily Brown – get Clay to lock those scissors up!


  10. thank you for making me laugh. so sorry about the bang incident. i so needed to laugh.


  11. Am I the only one that doesn’t mind the side bang look on you?? I mean, they could use some shaping and such, but it’s not a bad look! The blog, however, was hilarious.


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