Best Dressed Tot- From Bows to Pirates

I’ve noticed something about being a parent…. how you dress your kids, or rather, how you let or do not let them dress themselves says more about who you are than who they are.

It starts when we first start getting used to the idea of being pregnant with an actual human that will one day be a squishy baby… we start to imagine them in little onesies and gowns and hats.  A few months later when the gender is confirmed and showers commence, we can really go crazy with building an itty bitty wardrobe.

I have a girl and two boys, and I will definitely say that the clothing was more over-the-top with the girl.  And seriously, there’s just so much to go crazy with!  From hair bows (Yes, Southern moms, this means YOU!) to ruffles and the occasional tutu, baby girls can easily live out their moms’ dress-up dreams.  With the boys, I’ve noticed there tends to be a more distinct decision made on the part of the parents.  Some go with the more traditional cutesy clothes like sailor suits and knee socks while others rely on more casual onesies with dinosaurs on them.  For every flavor of person that parents, there is a style of dress for your children to suit you.

I’ve recently discovered a new place to score kids clothes that seems to offer a range of styles for the parent who drifts toward the ruffles and the one who likes a more rough and tumble look.  Best Dressed Tot features name-brand clothes for kids of all sizes, types, and styles.

For instance, this little number would be perfect for a summer baby boy, probably one whose family lives in the South.  (Because I NEVER saw anything like this during my time in Seattle!)

Carriage Boutiques Baby Boy White Sailor Romper with Smocking

But for the boy who is a little more laid-back in his style and likely to get dirty, this pirate t-shirt would carry him through long summer afternoons of playing outside.  (Harris would love this shirt!)

Alpha Boys True Navy Pirates Tee

And if you’re going on a boat this summer…. this outfit? Maybe?

Sailor Suit with Hat

I personally could not even handle how cute this little sun bonnet would be on a baby girl… I mean, just stop.  Too adorable.

UB2 Girls Bubbalicious modBonnet

And if you’re the type to ruffle-up your daughter’s pants, here’s the perfect outfit for you.

Peaches and Cream Little Girl Capri Set

If you want your kids to be super patriotic this Fourth of July, then Best Dressed Tot is definitely your go-to distributor of all things Stars and Stripes in children’s clothing!

Bonnie Jean Patriotic Stars & Stripes Dress

And here’s what I know Evelyne would love–

Le Top Polka Dot Sundress

Right now Best Dressed Tot is having a big clearance sale, so if anyone is looking for kids clothes, this might be a perfect place for you to do some quick shopping during naptime!


2 responses to “Best Dressed Tot- From Bows to Pirates

  1. I’m glad you shared that site, Emily! I confess: I was quite the obsessed mom when my girls were tiny tots….ruffles, bows, smocked, and monograms AND matching the girlies were always at the top of my list. Now, it’s fun to see what they pick out b/c it shows so much of their personalities and, quite frankly, I don’t have time to “dress them to a T”. Going from Memphis to Louisville now to small town Missouri, I’ve seen it all in the way ppl dress their kids. I’ve actually had ppl kinda laugh at some of the stuff I am willing to put on Jacob just b/c it’s very Southern-baby. They dress their newborns in camo. To each her own, I suppose….I’ll take the Southern-baby look and get some laughs I guess b/c I am not dressing my newbie in camp quite yet = ).


  2. Haha, Laurin, you’re hilarious! Seriously, this was like a culture shift issue for me when I lived in Seattle and returning. I left here when Evelyne was 1, and I had received several smocked dresses when she was born that she wore to church and special occasions, but for finances and preference, I mostly just shopped at Target for her. And actually I was kind of oblivious to this whole applique traditional dress world. When Harris was born I received a few smocked gifts, by this time I was living in Seattle, and I was just so confused. In our four years there I never once saw any boy in anything like that, especially the bubble suits. When I returned here a few months ago, it was like culture shock to see what these Southern kids were wearing because it’s SO different than what I was used to up there! Anyway, I just find the whole thing so funny because really, it’s only a matter of time before we lose most of our influence in what they wear anyway! You go ahead and rock your smock in Missouri, girl!


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