Our summer begins

Clay took his physical therapy boards yesterday, and thank GOD they are over!!!  Of course he was so nervous he could barely eat, and he couldn’t sleep at all the night before.  But I’m sure he did great, he’s absolutely brilliant when it comes to doing physical therapy stuff.  It’s definitely the profession that God has chosen for him, he loves it and he’s really good at it.  He won’t find-out if he passed until probably sometime next week, although I have no worries about it.  

So until we move in another three weeks or so, both of us are totally free other than just taking care of Ev.  I kinda don’t know what we’re gonna do with all this free time together, but it should be relaxing and fun.  Evelyne kicked our vacation off with a bang by sleeping-in until almost 8:30 today (one of the few times in her life that she’s slept that late). 

Any cheap/free and child-friendly things we should do in Memphis before we leave in a few weeks???  


4 responses to “Our summer begins

  1. Emily,

    If you have not been to Peabody Park with Eve, you need to go. They have a water park, similar to the ones in Collierville and it is fun. Andrea and I took CeCe and though she was tentative at first, by the end she was soaked and elated. She did not want to leave.


  2. I hear Beale Street is AWE-some for babies… 😉


  3. Try the main library on Poplar…so many fun things to look at in the children’s area and to even play with (well, Savannah loves getting up and down from chairs but there is also a fake stain glass building that she found quite amusing) and an outdoor area that Evelyne might enjoy too. Also, as much as I hate malls especially Wolfchase, we love to go to the play area there, if germs don’t bother you that is.


  4. Yeah we used to love visiting the Peabody ducks when we visited with my aunt and uncle during the summers. We also enjoyed the zoo, not sure how cheap that is, and riding the carousel at the mall. There used to be only one mall with a carousel in Memphis, but I’m sure there are many more now.


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