Portrait of a Saturday

Today I woke-up to the really bright sunlight filling my room, tricking me that it was later than 7:38, but convincing me to get up anyway.  It’s ok, because sometimes the thought of having a cup of coffee by myself before everyone else gets up is motivation to get me out of the bed even when part of me still wants to keep sleeping.  I think that means I’m getting old.

I filled-up a big travel mug of coffee with lots of half & half (very creamy, not sweet, is how I like it these days) and jumped in the minivan (what a comical phrase that is to write…”jumped in the minivan.”  Because that IS my life, I drive a minivan, I really do.  Again, I think I’m getting old.) and headed-out to some garage sales.

Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten really into garage-saling (yes, it is a verb) but hadn’t made the time to go since moving back to Memphis last Fall, so I’ve been way overdue.  I love the deals, I love the hunt, I love finding little treasures that will re-sell on eBay for much more than that 50 cents I paid for them, but mostly?  I just like driving around by myself on a Saturday morning with a very large coffee and listening to dance music.  Sometimes I listen to NPR, but for some reason I really like listening to Lady Gaga or Pink and feeling like I’m young and cool…. ya know, in my minivan. Going to the garage sales.

I was only gone for an hour this morning, not enough pre-planning to stay gone longer, and I was also intending to get back home in time to help Clay make our big Saturday morning breakfast for the kids.  I wanted to cook bacon, and he wanted to cook pancakes, and we use our big electric griddle for both, so I came-up with the most ingenious idea– I cooked bacon first, and then the pancakes in our leftover bacon grease.  Ohhh yes.  I did.  And it was a brilliant move.

After breakfast we went to Harris’ last soccer game.  The sun was shining, a gentle breeze was blowing, and I was just aching to chill on those bleachers… unfortunately, Sullivan is not such an easy soccer fan to keep entertained.  Clay and I took turns pushing him in the stroller up and down a long sidewalk in between empty soccer fields to keep him entertained.  When it was my turn, I remembered the music on my phone and turned-on my Lady Gaga and Pink once again.  I tried to surreptitiously dance behind the stroller where none of the other soccer parents could see me, and Sullivan did his own unashamed happy dance.  I think it was the highlight of the soccer game for both of us.

The rest of the day was filled with a library visit that resulted in about 25 books (Summer reading, folks.  My kids are pumped.), a visit with my parents, singing to another Lady Gaga song in the car, a trip to the pool that froze us all (It reminded me of trying to swim outside in Seattle, just not even worth it.), and a dinner of mainly tortilla chips and strawberries.  (There was some chicken and cheese thrown in there, but we killed a bag and a half of tortilla chips.)

We ended the night dancing with Barney, and then Sullivan and I in the rocking chair doing my own version of Pink.

I had no idea until I wrote it out how much of my day revolved around Lady Gaga and Pink.  Well, it is what it is, and I love them, and here is a the song that I can’t get out of my head.  You’re welcome.

(I think it’s pretty sweet that the guy she’s kissing in the video is her real-life husband!)


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