I assume I’m pregnant.

So the Sunday before last I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  And I haven’t had any sort of period.  And I took another test a couple of days ago and it was still positive with the line slightly darker.  I had some cramps last week, and I’ve been an emotional basketcase.  These things tell me that I must be pregnant.  However, I’ve had no other symptoms of which to speak. 

With Evelyne I never really got morning sickness, although I did have some stomach uneasiness and intense hunger.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if I didn’t get sick again with this pregnancy.  (I know, I know, don’t hate me!  I think God just knows that I’m not strong enough to handle it.  Anytime I’m slightly nauseated, it renders me completely incapacitated and I can’t do anything but lie on the floor and moan.)  But it is a little disconcerting to not have any symptoms, nothing to make me really feel pregnant.  Always makes me wonder if something’s wrong.  I’m just under six weeks, so I know it’s still super early and anything can happen.  I did have a bit of an uneasy stomach this morning for the first time, so maybe it’s starting? 

I have my first doctor’s appointment next Monday morning where I’ll probably get an ultrasound.  Once I see a little heartbeat, I’ll be thankful for a lack of symptoms and enjoy it while it lasts!

Anyone else have NO symptoms by this point?


16 responses to “I assume I’m pregnant.

  1. That’s CRAZY that you have no symptoms, but you know .. I hear those women do exist!! I’m certainly not one of them, but I’m glad that you are! Yeah, just go to the doc. appt on Monday and you will get all the confirmation you need .. def. dont’ spend any more moola on test 🙂 Good luck and congrats!!


  2. Yeah, I didn’t really have any nausea or anything like most people do — certain things set me off (the smell of Classico spaghetti sauce, wilted lettuce, and bread). Oh, I threw up plenty — more than I wanted to — and it lasted until at least mid-pregnancy; but it was in response to certain things, not an all-day thing.

    I’ve read that when women take prenatal vitamins for a few months prior to getting pregnant, then their morning sickness symptoms are milder than in previous pregnancies. Even if you haven’t taken PNVs, maybe you’ve had the nutrients and vitamins in them, through your diet.


  3. I don’t know anything about it, so we’ll see one day. But my very close friend (who teaches across the hall from me) didn’t get sick once. I mean, not once. The only confirmation that she was preggers was a few ahp tests & her doc visit. She amazed me. Not only that, she came back to work (after having Lane the first day of July) that August and breastfed him for an entire year while working. Yes, pumping at every chance we had. I helped watch her kids while she pumped, but it was amazing. So maybe you are just one of those lucky ones!


  4. Jennifer Gill


    i don’t think i had any symptoms either with ava. i only threw up once with noah and none with ava but only mild nausea if any so don’t worry! if the test says your pregnant you must be! you’ll be feeling pregnant soon enough anyway!


  5. Congrats to you!!!!!!!
    I had very little ms with LO. 😉


  6. I didn’t know I was pregnant with Luke until I was 8 weeks. No symptoms. The only reason I found out at all at that point was b/c I went in for my yearly. I did have a ton of symptons a couple of weeks after that though. Enjoy it now. Hopefully it will stay that way. 🙂


  7. Emily, although I was always sick right at first and it died down with S by 8 weeks (really) and with this one by 11 weeks, my doctor always told me that pregnancy signs usually don’t start until week 6 or 7…so I guess I was weird b/c I was sick I really think from conception. Anways, my point is that everyone is different…


  8. bewilderedhousewife

    I had very few symptoms in the first few weeks (other than feeling crampy and like my brain had been sucked out of my head). However, the beginning of Week 6 brought with it the first bouts of nausea… which steadily increased and had me totally incapacitated for Weeks 7-10. Disgusting and horrible!

    Now I’m finally feeling like a human being again 🙂

    Many congrats, and best of luck!



  9. OK, that’s good to hear that symptoms often don’t start until later. Not like I want to get sick or anything, but at least it’s normal. =) Thanks y’all!


  10. I had no symptoms. None. Got sick maybe once or twice. I too have heard that symptoms don’t usually show up until around 6 weeks. Trust the pregnancy test and don’t let your little head get to worrying. Honestly, I think the only symptom I had for the majority of the 1st trimester was sore boobs. Fun times.


  11. Wow! That is so cool! I’m hoping for a positive confirmation from the doc. I had different experiences with all three of my pregnancies. My last I had almost no nausea, only had a few times of food/smell aversion – but I was hungry as heck! I only threw up twice between three pregnancies and once was seasickness and the other was the flu.


  12. Ummm… so, I feel like I want to say congratulations, but I don’t want to get too excited since you’re not “for sure” yet, so I’m just going to say congratulations on your suspicions. Seriously, if you’re pregnant, we’ll be SOO excited. Evelyn will make a wonderful big sister. I’m sorry I’ve never been pregnant before, so I can’t help you out with any of your symptoms. By the way, I’m loving your blog. I don’t know if I told you that or not, but it keeps me thinking and always has helpful tips.


  13. I don’t know from personal experience myself, but I know that my mom never got sick. Then again, her uterus is probably made out of steel…


  14. i was sick around 5 weeks, but before that no symptoms- after 5 weeks until week 25 sick sick sick. praying for a healthy pregnancy and heartbeat. that is the BEST sound in the world. worrying right now isn’t going to change anything- take it to the Lord.


  15. I never had any symptoms! Not even a hint of nausea or fatigue or ANYTHING. I know how you feel – sometimes I would wish for sickness just to make it “real”. You are perfectly ok, so no worries. Enjoy this!!!


  16. hi i am preganant i found out last weeks for blood test am really worried i lost baby around 7 november i just had my first prd 5 decenber and now i am pregnant i had 2 misgrang and 4 healthy childreen. now am feeing tried littlebit headcheg al my bady sore but not feeling the way i used to feel is anyone hase same the way m feeling now? plz let me knw tnx.


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