Opportunity to Help Refugees in Afghanistan

I’ve never mentioned it on this blog, but if you know me you probably know that my parents run a non-profit organization called Silk Road Development that offers government leadership development, medical training, and humanitarian aid in Afghanistan.   They have also started the very FIRST hospice care in the entire country! Afghanistan is a beautiful but war-torn country, filled with great need and great opportunity, and somehow our hearts are tied-up with it.

Silk Road is currently raising money and awareness for a food distribution to offer relief to refugee families living in Kabul.

There are thousands of Internally Displaced People (IDP) living in the squalor of makeshift camps in and around the Kabul, Afghanistan area. For the most part, these Afghans have fled the areas of the country where fighting and civil unrest abound in hope of keeping their family alive. Upon arriving in the capital, people set up house in mud fields without shelter, water, and virtually no means to provide for their families. The Red Cross occasionally provides a few tents but during the current harsh winter months, there is no heat, little food, and sickness and death occur in outrageous numbers. Already this winter, in the Kabul city IDP camps alone, there have been 17 deaths, 11 of which were children. The Afghan government has stated that helping these refugees is a high priority but to date, not much has been done.

    Silk Road Development (SRD) is organizing a late February/early March food and wood distribution for one of these IDP camps. SRD has asked other organizations working in Afghanistan to collaborate and make this a community-wide project for the poor. To date, one other organization is on board and others are considering their level of involvement. SRD would like to ask you to consider joining this effort by donating funds that can be used to directly help these refugees survive the winter.

   The IDP camp we will serve houses between 200 families; each family consists of 1-2 adults and between 5 to 10+ children. The package each family will receive consists of the following items: Firewood, wheat, oil, rice, sugar, beans, tea leaves, salt and matches totally $193/family

    SRD is hoping to raise $20,000 for this project to cover almost half the expenses. The response time for the project is a quick turnaround  (ONE WEEK) so it would be great to hear from you at your earliest convenience. All donations are tax deductible according to the IRS rules.
Donations can be mailed to the following address:
Silk Road Development
9245 Poplar Ave, STE 5 #136
Germantown, TN 38138
For online payment through PayPal, go to www.silkroaddev.org and click the donate button.
I can’t spend time thinking about what the refugee families are going through because it’s just too much.  I complain about my home being chilly in the winter, but they live outside.  I worry about my children being cold at night, not that they’ll literally freeze.  I feel sad for Sullivan’s ear infection, but I know that he’s not suffering from a disease that could kill him.  I’m thankful for an opportunity to give back to those who are the most vulnerable, who depend on relief in order to survive.  This is a one-time immediate need for supplies that will help these families survive the winter.  Will you consider giving?

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  1. Thanks Em!


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