My Morning Ambitions

I’ve come to a conclusion lately that has been a long-time coming.  I really need to wake-up before the kids in the morning.  I’ve heard for years that you can get so much done, get a jump-start on your day, yada yada yada, but I always just rolled my eyes and thought, “Yeah RIGHT.  I’m gonna get every extra minute of sleep that I can in the morning!”  But alas, we have entered a new stage:  School.

Evelyne started kindergarten this past week, and while getting out the door at 8:40 isn’t super early, it’s quite a change from our usual schedule of lying around in pajamas and watching cartoons until Mommy’s second cup of coffee.  We like a relaxed approach to mornings around here, but life seems to be changing that for us, and I’m realizing that I need to go with the flow instead of clutching my sheets and refusing to emerge from my bed until the kids are awake and yelling for breakfast.

By the grace of God, somehow all three kids sleep until around 8 a.m. these days.  If Ev and Harris wake-up earlier, their handy stoplight clock lets them know that it’s not time to wake-up, and they usually play in their room until 8.  (The best investment in cheap plastic that I’ve ever made as a parent, hands down.) If we don’t have to go anywhere for the day, this is pretty awesome for me to be able to sleep until eight, a luxury that I have up until now never had as a mother… particularly during those several seasons when they woke-up for the day between 4:45-5:30.  (I earned this 8 a.m.!)  But now that we have to be at school before 9, I’m seeing how it would be a disaster if I waited until 8 to wake-up.  I could probably swing it if it weren’t for Sullivan and his needy one year-old ways, but not at this stage.  After all, those of you who know me know that I have no qualms about showing-up places without make-up, hair in a messy ponytail, and wearing a t-shirt, but I think it wouldn’t be good to be “that mom” every day… am I right?

So, for a few mornings this past week I have woken-up to an alarm an hour before my kids woke.  (Which is so weird in itself after almost 6 years of letting them be my alarm!)  I made my coffee, showered, fixed my hair and make-up, and got dressed.  Let me say that again, I showered and got dressed!  Before my kids were awake!  Glory hallelujah, the freedom and joy those simple tasks offered me as I got ready in the silence were unsurpassed.  The house was so quiet and peaceful, and I had the perfect opportunity to pray and ask God for grace going into the new day.  I did a little bloggy stuff, started the kids’ breakfast and poured their milk, three cups all lined-up on the counter.

By the time they stumbled out of their room, all messy-haired and whiny, I was READY.  I wasn’t messy-haired and whiny myself, grumbling at their rapid-fire requests, begging them to just HOLD ON for a second while I start my coffee, and good gracious, just let me pee, you little dictators!  (I’m not a morning person.)  I was a chipper, cheerful mom full of patience and love.  Well, that might be a stretch, but let’s just say it was light years better than it is when I’m still trying to wake-up myself.

So now I’m thinking that this is going to have to be my new normal.  Going forward in the school year, creating a routine for getting out of the house in the morning, I’m just going to have to change my lazy ways.  Now whether I can actually do that on a regular basis remains to be seen.  I need some encouragement.   So, I’m interested, dear friends, who wakes-up in the morning before their kids?  Am I incredibly late in the game to be just now catching on to this?  Has anyone figured-out how to pull-off getting ready for school in the morning with a last-minute wake-up?  What does your perfect, organized morning look like?


7 responses to “My Morning Ambitions

  1. It KILLS me to wake up so early but if I don’t there is no way to get everyone to school on time! I also really want to make sure they have the most positive start to their day as possible. If I’m not up well before they are that is just not going to happen. When Bay started school I did try to do the makeup/ getting dressed thing. I’m over that now tho. I will slap on a little lip balm and pajama pants but that’s about it. 🙂 If you can figure out a way to get it all done without waking up early PLEASE let me know!


  2. I’ve gotten up before the kids for years. I am such an introvert that the time alone is a necessity for my sanity. I usually get my shower, read my Bible, pray with my husband, and snatch as much blogging and facebook as possible before 7, when my early-bird is allowed out of her room. And I hear you on the coffee!


    • I hear on you on the time alone thing. I’m a night owl and Clay and I both have a really hard time going to bed at any decent for that reason, we just want our own time. But the times I have gotten up early have been much more quality alone time, I think. I even have found myself looking forward to it.. This is revolutionarily weird for me, by the way! =)


  3. I love hearing about and eventually watching these new revelations playing out in your life. When y’all move in with us for a season, I look forward to those early coffee times together in the morning! This is definitely a “NEW” time in your life! Love you Em


  4. I’m jealous of your 8 o’clock wake up time, Emily 🙂 These days we are lucky if our kids wait until 6 to wake up 😦 And I am not and never will be a morning person–really thought that would change after I had kids! We have to wake Hannah up at 6:30 for school if she’s not already awake, and Cate always gets up with her. I really want to wake up before them, but I seriously don’t think I can function if I wake up in the 5 o’clock hour on purpose. Caleb is usually up by 6 so that gives me a little time to wake up before the girls start the day. But I will try to look on the bright side–by 7:30, we usually have breakfast done and cleaned up, kids dressed, lunch started, and one off to school. Looking forward to the kids all sleeping in one day 🙂


  5. I know, Jen, eight o’clock isn’t anything to complain about, and I would NEVER wake-up before the kids if it meant before 6 a.m…. They would have to fend for themselves and I would have to be “that unshowered mom” every day because that is a ridiculous hour. Hopefully they’re going to bed a little earlier for you to make the early wake-up more bearable? And you have lunch started at 7:30 a.m.???? That’s amazing. I really sympathize with your early school hours, and I guess we’ll see what our final schedule turns-out to be since this will only last for the next few weeks!


  6. I get up before my kiddos about 90 percent of the time! The 10 percent I don’t are a disaster and I spend the whole day a step behind! I do wish school started a little later:)!


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