Going Home

It’s been four years since we left Memphis and moved to the Seattle area.

When we left, it was just Clay and me with a 1 year-old Evelyne and baby Harris in my belly.  We had planned our move for about a year, but we still had no idea what we were jumping into.  We knew it would be a job for Clay that offered a great learning experience and proximity to his physical therapy fellowship classes.  We knew that it was supposed to rain a lot.  We knew there was a space needle.  (Most of this we learned from Grey’s Anatomy.)

That’s about all we knew.  It was probably one of the biggest steps of faith we have taken together as a couple, to drive away from all of our family and friends into the unknown.  We moved-in during the Olympics.  Now it’s exactly four years later and we’re planning to leave Seattle and move back to Memphis.  We leave in five weeks.

We’re happy here, Seattle has been good to us, but it’s not a permanent home.  Our roots are in Tennessee.  We were both both born and raised there, most of our family is there…  I feel grounded when I’m there, it’s where I see us raising my kids, surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We always knew we would eventually go back, and the time for that next step has come.

So I find myself in a very different place than I did four years ago.  It’s a different type of leaving.  I’m much more focused on what I’m returning to than what I’m leaving behind.  But we will be leaving so much behind.

Here are some of the highlights of what I will miss about living here:

Quest Church.  All the people, the worship, the learning, and the transformation for our family that has happened here.  It has truly played such a large role in growing us into the kind of people God has always intended for us to be.

* The non-humid summers.  Seriously, one of the my favorite things ever.

* Driving across the I-90 bridge on a sunny day.

* Our cul-de-sac (translation: “cove,” for the Southerners) and the wonderful neighbors whose kids my kids adore.  My kids have spent hours upon hours playing with our neighbors, and it’s going to be hard to leave that behind.

* Our house.  It’s a rental, it’s hardly been updated since the 70’s, and it’s pretty tiny for five people.  But it’s where we have really become family.  In this house, we went from being a couple who had a toddler to a family.  It’s where my kids have grown-up so far.  Sullivan was born in this house.  So many memories here.

* Friends.  We will always remember the friendships we’ve made here.  We wouldn’t be who we are without the people who have lived alongside us and invested in us.

What I won’t miss about Seattle:  the rain.  the gray skies.  the constant wetness from October through June.  Let’s be honest, it sucks.

So in the next five weeks, we’re going to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and try to soak-up as much time as possible with the things and people we will miss after we’re gone.  Even though I’m super excited about our new beginning in Memphis, it will be hard to leave here.  It will be the end of a beautiful season of our family, and leaving something good behind is always hard.


4 responses to “Going Home

  1. The Grey’s Anatomy reference cracked me up! Em, Joel and I have moved a LOT in our married life. Some places we went to kicking and screaming. But God was always faithful….and good memories happened everywhere. I know you and Clay will cherish your Seattle years. Keep writing!!!!!


  2. We’re sure going to miss you 5!


  3. 5 weeks??!!??? Crazy!!!! We will miss you!!! We have grown our families together 🙂 I love the pictures I have of tiny Ev and Hannah dancing together that first Christmas. I’m excited for you guys and the family you will have surrounding you!


  4. you know we moved 11 times in 6 years, some before kids and some with kids. It makes you who you are but in the end, all that matters is you, hubs and kids are together.


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