A nice restful day

Sometimes I kinda love Mondays.  I know you’re supposed to hate Mondays, and often I do.  In fact, oh wait!  I actually wrote a post about that once upon a time!

But sometimes… Mondays are kind of a good excuse for me to chill.  (Translate: sit on my butt and be lazy and feel good about doing it)  I’d kinda like to say that our weekends are crazy, but let’s be honest here, they’re really not.  Sure, Clay is home, and if it’s good weather we try to go to a park or something, and Sundays we go to church… but we’re still just the same chilled-out homebody people trying to work up enough motivation to get out and do something, go somewhere to enjoy this big world, that we always were.  So yeah, we try to do things, but sometimes we just stay home and veg.  So, I guess it doesn’t make much sense that I also like to veg on Mondays after a veggie kind of weekend.  But alas, that’s just how I roll.

This past weekend, however, was actually a little more full.  Well, for me anyway.  I spent five hours at Starbucks BY MYSELF on both Friday and Saturday preparing for the class I taught yesterday at church.  Did you catch that?  FIVE hours, two days in a row, by myself!  It was heaven.  Heaven and caffeine, actually.  Then, I dunno, we were at church all morning yesterday and went to a birthday party in the afternoon and played outside, and…. it wasn’t all very tedious or unenjoyable, but now it’s Monday, and here I sit.  No matter how busy or slow our weekends are, I like to think of Monday as recovery day.  When I make sure the kids get naps at the right times so they go to bed at the right times so they’re not screamy and fussy… ( this is especially needed today since Harris woke-up at 4:30 a.m. and never went back to sleep!)  the day when I let them watch an extra tv show or two because, hey!  It’s Monday!  Let’s relaaaaxxxx….

I’m pretty sure I like to use any excuse for a relaxing day, but hey, I’ll take it.  Lovin’ the Monday.


One response to “A nice restful day

  1. I have to work on Monday’s, but I still feel the same way about needing a day to rest from a generally non-to-busy weekend. We are extreme homebodies, and I was hoping this kid would change that. After reading this post I decided that I don’t care if it changes, because there will be at least one other person out there vegging right along with me. YOU!


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