Homemade Crackers

Over the weekend I tried my hand at making homemade crackers.  Oh yes.

Crackers are such a blessing and a curse for a parent.  They’re so convenient, they pack well for when you go out, and my kids will always, always eat them when offered.  And yet… they’re really not great for you.  I checked my regular grocery store cracker aisle for just one box that didn’t have high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil (trans fats) in the ingredients.  And I didn’t find one.  Not ONE.  How disappointing.  So on to the natural/organic section I went.  I did find some options without HFCS, but they either cost an arm and a leg or they still had some form of vegetable or soybean oil in them.  (other things we’re avoiding)  So our next step was making them homemade!

I’ve found a few recipes for homemade crackers lately, but after I had already made-up my mind to try them on Friday, I saw this recipe and decided to just go for this one first.  Apparently this blogger (one of my favs, by the way, I recommend you check her out!) had great success with this recipe….more success than I did.

Making the actual dough was a piece of cake.  Rolling it out was a little bit harder.  I don’t think I divided it quite as small as Katie did, so I had a hard time getting it thin enough.  I used a pizza slicer to cut them into squares, about Wheat Thin size, and doused them in sea salt.  They came-out ok, but I think my problem was definitely that I didn’t roll them thin enough.  Or maybe I didn’t cook them long enough.  They were relatively crispy, but definitely not Wheat Thin crispy.  There was still a bit of bend to them.  They tasted pretty good, but it reminded me too much of wheat bread.  They had a distinctly bread smell.  It didn’t bother me, and even Clay liked them a lot (which really surprised me, I totally expected him to not like them at all!), but the kids didn’t love them.  They had a few, but didn’t even finish what I gave them.  The next day I gave Ev a bowl of a few crackers and she only ate about one and then told me she didn’t like them.  This was a total first for her, she loves any kind of cracker.  If you’re just looking for something to stack your cheese on, then they’re just fine, but to eat by themselves, eh.

So, back to the drawing board!  I think next time I’m going to try this recipe, they’re cheese crackers, so hopefully they’ll go over better with the kiddos.  Or maybe these homemade graham crackers. I didn’t take any pictures of my homemade crackers, but they pretty much look like these. In general, I’m trying to reduce the amount of grains in our diet, so I probably won’t make these a big staple in our pantry since our general cracker consumption has been majorly reduced, but for the every once in awhile treat, this is very doable, and I want to keep trying to find a recipe that we all love.


3 responses to “Homemade Crackers

  1. What a bummer that you didn’t have good luck! When they’re not crispy, it makes a big difference. I hope you have super success with the next attempt! 🙂 Katie


  2. so you will have to let me know what’s wrong with canola oil because I have always thought that was a good option for high heat.

    I tried making crackers before and had as much success as you did. I have learned from making communion bread (growing up ours was always homemade and with out yeast – you know the biblical way : ) ) that you need to kneed it for at least 12 min to stretch the wheat gluten. there is a serious difference in texture if you put it on a dough hook for at least 12 min. I bet it would make way better crackers too.


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