Updated Blogroll

Just wanted to direct your attention to the sidebar where I’ve updated my blogroll for the first time in about a year or so.  In that time I’ve dropped reading some blogs and added a bunch of new favorites, so make sure you catch a quick glance.  I’ve set-up a few categories so you know what you’re getting into:

Birth Blogs: These are some awesome blogs that I read a LOT when I was pregnant and they really helped me learn more about natural childbirth and how God designed our bodies to birth.

Blogroll: These are the majority of the blogs I subscribe to in my Google Reader and consistently read

Favorite Blogs: These are the favs of all the 125 I’m subscribed to.  When my Google Reader is totally full or I only have a few minutes to read something, these are the ones I go to first.  You should definitely be reading these.

Friends: These are the blogs of some of my friends that I consistently read.

Food: These are some blogs that primarily talk about nutrition and food; I’ve been spending lots of time on these lately.



2 responses to “Updated Blogroll

  1. Wheeew! Just glad I made it on there somewhere 😉


  2. Thanks for adding me!! That’s awesome!


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