Loving Gaga

I’m hoping that by now you’ve heard of one of the strangest and most talented new performers out there, Lady Gaga.  The first time I saw her was when she performed on American Idol last season.  I totally didn’t get it.  I thought she was beyond weird, I hated the song she sang, and I hated her voice.  I couldn’t imagine why someone like her was on such a big show.

The next time I heard her song (Poker Face) was on 90210  (yes, the new one.  yes, I watch that.)  It was playing in the background and was oddly catchy.  I kept hearing it on the radio every once in awhile and before I knew it, it had totally grown on me and I found myself singing it all the time.  Then I heard another song or two on the radio and realized that I really liked those, too.  ( I will admit, it was much easier to start liking her songs when I was only hearing them and not watching her perform.  I could actually concentrate on the music and not be distracted by her weird costumes.)

Here’s another one of her popular songs, Just Dance.

So I found myself really liking her.  Then I saw her new video for Bad Romance.  And wow.  It’s….just wow.  This is one of the strangest videos I’ve ever seen, and the first time I saw it I was confused and mesmerized and weirded-out….and I totally could NOT get the song out of my head!  I really can’t even describe how weird this video is, but the more I watched it and the more I listened to the song, the more I liked it.  I heard someone compare this video to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and that helped me put it in a proper category in my mind that allowed me to appreciate Lady Gaga’s strange creativity.

Here’s the video to her new song Bad Romance…. watch it and try not to be totally weirded out and yet singing along anyway…. (and notice the crazy shoes!!!)

And if you can believe it, here she is before she was Lady Gaga.  Love or hate Lady Gaga, you’ve GOT to see this, it’s awesome.


6 responses to “Loving Gaga

  1. I thought she was creepy too, but she got some catchy tunes. Hadnt seen the vintage video thanks!


  2. Ha! glad to know i’m not the only pop music video addict! I also love Brittany Spears music videos (even though I don’t particularity care for her music).

    Have you seen PS22 preform “just dance” ? they are amazing


    • Wow, Emily, I never took you for a Britney Spears watching kind of girl! =) Glad to know a new dimension of you!! That video of the kids singing Lady Gaga is awesome! I cant’ wait to watch more of their stuff!


  3. By the way, I was singing Poker Face yesterday while drying my hair before church, and Evelyne totally started singing along! She kept going, “Can’t read my, can’t read my….” We sang it all day together, it was hilarious! I’m working on her getting the “Ppppppoker face, pppoker face” part down.


  4. Nightmares.

    At the same time, Amy and I have joked about “Poker Face” being our sing because it was played so frequently as our honeymoon resort.


  5. Love me some Lady Gaga! Bay’s cheer squad did their routine to Bad Romance. There is a lot of “Ra ra ro ha ha” goin’ on in my house. I put the performance on facebook. Check it out if you get a chance. LOVED getting to see you while you were here. Wish we could have had more time to chat!


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