Cake #2

Betcha thought Clay and I forgot about the whole cake thing, huh?  That we just did that first one?  Oh no no, my dear  readers, I’m proud to say that we’ve done 3 cakes and are planning to do our fourth asap.  I’m way behind on posting this (as I am about posting everything else that’s happening these days), but here ya go:

Cake #2

Since we didn’t like the yellow cake recipe we used the first time, I decided to just go with Wilton’s standard yellow cake recipe.  I figured that if it was their go-to recipe, surely I couldn’t screw it up too badly.  And I’m very happy to report that it was MUCH better than the first one! It wasn’t very yellow…. in fact, it kinda looked like white cake, but it was very good.  We went with chocolate butter cream icing this time, Wilton’s recipe again, and it was GREAT!  I had to laugh at myself because my first reaction was to say that “it’s so good it almost tastes like it came out of a can!”  But seriously, bowl and spatula-lickin’ good.  (and I caught Clay with a bowl of extra icing about a week later, he was dipping cookies in it and eating it on the couch…and feeding some to Harris!!!!)

So, it tasted good.  As far as looks go….well.  Eh.  We had friends coming over for dinner that night, and this was supposed to be the dessert.  I was icing it as they arrived, and although I tried to give a go at some piping, I was in the middle of making dinner, we had guests, and most importantly, my bags kept exploding on me.  I had been using just Ziploc baggies (too lazy to buy the real ones) and they worked ok for the first cake, but they were just NOT working for me this time!  Finally, it was time to eat dinner and I just gave up.  Clay came over to give it a shot and piped a few ridiculous looking rows.  This cake was NOT pretty.  But it tasted good!

This is how messy I was.  Clay just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

My busted bags

I actually bought some real icing spatulas this time, so the actual icing process was easier than the first time I just used a knife, and it looked smoother.


Of course, Clay insisted on writing a number two and an exclamation point to mimic our first cake…by this point, we were just slapping stuff on there simply to have more chocolate icing to eat…all sense of style was out the window.



Oh, and here’s a picture of Princess Evelyne helping me make it!

I’ll try to post about #3 asap!!!


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