Harris at 8.5 months

So yeah.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated on my boy Harris.  But let’s just pretend you’ve been following along for the past few months, and wah-la!  He’s now eight and a half months old!

Here are the details:  He’s everywhere!  He started scooting and rolling and moving like an inchworm at six months, and now he’s full-out crawling pretty fast.  Last week he started pulling-up, and I’ve seen him take a few steps, so I think we’re on the verge of cruising as well.  This is totally blowing my mind since Evelyne was stationary on her butt until she finally started to crawl at ten months.  He is really, really active and physical and all those typical things that one tends to say are such “boy” qualities, but since I hate gender stereotypes, I’m just going to say that they’re Harris qualities.  He’s incredibly persistent when he wants something we have, like food or any of Evelyne’s toys.  About a month ago I realized that we were already at that point where I couldn’t eat anything in front of him without sharing with him.  (And I had JUST gotten out of that stage with Evelyne!)  And speaking of food, he LOVES it.  With Evelyne I was very diligent to feed her solids a certain number of times per day, etc… but with him, poor guy, he’s lucky if he gets one or two meals a day.  (it’s so much more of a hassle with the second!)  But when he eats, he loves it and doesn’t refuse anything.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering where all his hair went, I gave him his FOURTH haircut a few weeks ago.  It kept getting really long and floppy on the top, and it just didn’t look cute.  A few weeks ago I buzzed it just to get it all one length and let it start growing again.)

He absolutely LOVES Evelyne and totally lights-up when he sees her.  Today I was rocking her before her nap (we always rock and sing songs) and he was awake, so I brought him in her room to play on the floor.  Well, he got fussy, so I picked him up and was rocking both kids, one on each knee.  They were both in the funniest mood and pretty much started wrestling in my lap!  He kept lunging at and tackling her, she would die laughing and say, “Oh, Hawwis!!!”  Back and forth they would tickle and laugh and roll around, all while I kept rocking and singing (because I knew if I didn’t finish our standard set of songs Ev wouldn’t want me to put her in the bed)  It was hilarious!!!!  Even after I put her in the bed she was still laughing!  It’s times like those when I LOOOVE having two kids!  I love watching them interact, they truly love each other already, and it’s so wonderful to watch.  I’m so excited to watch them grow-up together, and I just kept thinking that if they’re already having fun like this now, it’s going to be awesome to watch when he actually gets old enough to really play with her.


Harris is a cuddly, smoochy baby who gets tons of kisses and hugs because his cheeks are just so tender and juicy and I want to just snack on them all day.  He’s very giggly, quick to smile, and very ticklish.  Although he’s really active, he’s also chill, he’s more content to be held or to sit on my lap and watch the world go by.  He loves being outside or just hanging around on my hip while we watch Evelyne play at a park.  However, one fatal flaw is that the boy still isn’t the greatest fan of the car.  Since he’s been a newborn, he never falls asleep in the car (has happened only about 3-4 times in his life), so if he’s slightly hungry or slightly tired, he’ll just cry until we get out of the car.  Sometimes quite hysterically.  It’s awful to listen to….sometimes I feel really bad for him and it makes me sad, other times it just gets on my nerves and I’m all, “Dude, get a grip.”

As for the sleeping, this past week we’ve been working on getting the wake-ups down to once a night.  It’s pretty much been two, sometimes three, for the past few months.  He’s done really great the past few nights, last night he even slept 10.5 hours straight, and he’ll often sleep a total of 13-13.5 hours at night!  (not straight!)  So if we can just do the one feeding per night I’ll be happy to do that for another few months until he doesn’t need it anymore.  He’s got a pretty regular nap schedule, but it’s just a crapshoot as to how he’ll sleep.  Sometimes it’s an hour and a half, sometimes it’s 20 minutes… sometimes two long naps, yesterday was two 30 minute naps!  But in general, he’s doing pretty well.  He dropped his third nap really early, about a month ago, so managing two naps is MUCH easier than three or four, and we’re able to actually get out of the house and do things without having to rush home 30 minutes later for a nap.  (because he won’t sleep in the car or anywhere else)  That in itself has made life way easier.

In general, he’s just such a joy.  I love having two kids, and I often think about how excited I am about the coming years with these sweethearts.









2 responses to “Harris at 8.5 months

  1. Those are great pictures of Hawwis! It’s funny listening you describe him, because he and Caitlyn are so much alike. With the eating thing, if we ever eat in front of her, especially any kind of cracker, she FREAKS out and demands one too! She’s pulling up and standing now. She’s beginning to cruise a little as well. If’s weird seeing her grow up and begin new milestones because I always picture her as the baby and for some reason think she will always stay that way. I can’t wait to see all of you again. I hate missing so much of Harris ‘ new things. I know he and Caitlyn will get along great! We’re still battling Hannah beating the crap out of Caitlyn practically everyday. She’ll just go up to her and smack her on the head or pick her up and body slam her on the floor. So, needless to say she spends a lot of time in timeout. Give everyone there our best and we miss you guys like crazy! Love yall!


  2. This post just melts my heart. Im so happy for you. I remember feeling the same way and now as I read this, i hear my kids playing together in their room. Being a parent is a true blessing…. most the time, lol!


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