Ahhh, the world of disciplining children…

So, I just wanted to quickly point y’all to a great discussion happening over on Adventures in Mercy. (this is one of my favorite blogs, by the way)  A reader wrote-in asking for advice from Molly, the blog author, and other parent readers regarding how to discipline her toddler.  Coming from a conservative Christian background that emphasizes “first-time obedience” and spanking, she wasn’t sure how to discipline in a way that remained firm but also showed grace when what she was currently doing had her feeling angry.  The discussion that follows in the comments section is pretty great as it’s simply advice and conversation on other ways to discipline from other Christian parents, some who are currently doing it with little ones and others who have been there/done that.  I enjoyed reading through it, and much of what the readers described is very similar to the ways we discipline Evelyne.  (one day I’ll actually get up enough energy to sit down and write about that)

So anyway, if you have young kids or might one day, I recommend checking this out as a starting point for thinking in more detail about other ways that Christian parents discipline without spanking.  Molly, the blog author, has also written lots of posts about how she changed from a punitive parenting model to a more grace-based method—HIGHLY recommend perusing around her site!  Adventures in Mercy

The Parenting with Gentleness Series


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