Potty Training, here we go!

Today is Day 1.

Let me start this by saying that Evelyne has more or less been “ready” to potty train for quite awhile now.  It’s been ME who wasn’t ready, and for awhile I was actually discouraging her from using the potty because I totally wasn’t ready to tackle this job.  I really don’t understand why everyone tries to get their older kid out of diapers before the new baby is born because in my opinion, it is SO much easier to change a diaper whenever I get the chance than drop everything I’m doing and rush to the potty.  I love diapers.  Diapers are my friend.  I suppose if you have an easy baby who sleeps all the time it wouldn’t be so hard, but over the past 7 months, Harris has required a LOOOOT of attention and holding, like for hours at a time.  There were a couple of months there where I was holding him for all of his naps.  And as a newborn he would nurse for hours at a time.  It was much easier to change Evelyne’s diaper whenever I had a free moment rather than put him down and wait for him to scream (after I had just spent half an hour getting him to sleep) just so I could help her on the potty.  So, yeah, that’s why I waited.

I bought some big-girl princess and Minnie Mouse underwear about a month ago and contemplated doing it, but I chickened-out.  Yesterday, though, I realized that I don’t think I’m ever going to really feel ready, but she DEFINITELY already is.  We’ve already talked about it so much I think she’s probably been thinking, “Good grief, Mom, just go ahead and let me use the potty already!”   I might as well just take the plunge.  (I realized this as I watched her pooping in her diaper, IN the bathroom where she always does it…right before she comes to find me and say, “Mommy, I poo-pooed, change my diaper.”  Now that’s a child who’s ready to potty train!

So here we go.  She was excited to put-on her undies, and I think it helped that I told her that her cousin is wearing undies now, too, so she wants to be a big girl like her.  The first pee incident went all in her underwear, but they were the Gerber training pants so it didn’t make a mess.  The second one was in the potty.  The third one was half in her underwear and half in the potty.  The fourth one was in the potty.  The morning poop… the one that happens EVERY morning at the same time… it hasn’t happened yet.  That’s gonna be the real test.  This girl poops like 2-4 times a day and they’re all relatively loose (not to get too graphic or anything, but we’re not talking about something you can just plop in the toilet, they’re quite a mess), so we’ll see where she decides to dump.  Right now she’s taking a nap, wearing underwear and lined pants and sleeping on top of a waterproof pad that’s on top of her sheet that’s on top of another waterproof pad.

I’ll let you know how it goes…


3 responses to “Potty Training, here we go!

  1. You can always mix a little miralax in her milk or juice or water or whatever she drinks till she get s hang of it. It’s kinda expensive but the best thing on their little tummies OTC. She won’t even know it’s in there and it will just help her not to get constipated. Then you’ll really wish you had! I have heard, that is, not coming from personal experience 🙂 Going to try soon though because L is doing those same things, I am SOOOOO not ready though, major fear of dirty public restrooms!! heeh.



  2. I love how honest you are, really. I remember thinking the same thing about how diapers were my friend. When Luke was potty training, it never failed…we would sit down at a restaurant, get our food and he would have to go. It was really bad when it was just me and the kids b/c then you have to lug them all in there. I thought..can’t you just go in your pull-up??? Good to know I’m not the only one who thought those things. 🙂 Good luck on your new adventure! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  3. you are not alone in your love of diapers. i did the same with sarah jane- b/c Sam was so little, and i was basically doing the same thing you are- nursing. and it’s hard to help in the bathroom while wiping another child’s rear end. bethany is a huge help in that area. i don’t let her do any wiping, but at least she can help assist- light on, etc. we call pull-ups “just in case panties” for night time and naps- and for long errands. just in case.


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