Butt wiping

So the potty training is going pretty well.  She pooped on the potty 3-4 times yesterday and peed several more times.  She had several accidents, but most of them she was able to finish on the potty.  And she totally freaks-out when she has an accident (as I expected), so I think she’s catching-on pretty well.  She adores wearing her big girl undies and doesn’t even want to wear pants because she wants to see them.  (and she looks pretty adorable in them!)  Yesterday she was wearing a pair with the Disney princess Belle on them, and she was standing watching tv and holding her butt, and she looked at me and said with a smile, “I’m holding Belle!”  Cinderella is her favorite and every time she sees a picture of her she says, “That’s me, I’m Cinderella!”  She has a tiny Cinderella figurine and yesterday I overheard her saying, “You’re Cinderella!  I saw you at Disneyland, do you remember that?”

OK, weird question… and maybe this is inappropriate blog talk, but oh well, I’m often inappropriate.  I’m still trying to figure-out the best way to wipe her butt.  How that work exactly?  Do you have them lean forward over your leg for you to wipe?  She has to lean forward so far for me to see that she almost falls over.  Do you have them get up and bend over?  (the only way I can really see everything)  Do you just do a blind wipe?  I’m so confused.  I’m used to a spread-eagle view and I don’t want to leave any mess on her poor little bootie, but I need some more practice on the best way to clean it off!  So, tell me, people.  How exactly do you wipe their butts?


7 responses to “Butt wiping

  1. i have her scoot forward and then wipe from the back upwards. My problem is her reaching her own butt to wipe. I’d be interested to see what people say about them wiping their own butts and how.


  2. This may sound horrible but I can’t stand the thought of leaving anything behind. I have them stand up and put their hands on the floor. They are able to keep themselves from falling over that way. Luke is so used to this that now when we walk in there he is already in postion and we have a full view of his behind when we walk in. Not a great sight but kind of hilarious. On the girls I always start from the front and wipe back so they don’t get any infections in places they REALLY don’t want infections! I usually end up using those flushable wet wipes if I have any handy. I know it’s an extra cost but it’s the only way I feel like I’m getting them clean. Hope that helps!


  3. I’m sorry but I also just wanted to add that I love that you have a blog titled “butt wiping”.


  4. I also often use the flushable wipes for wiping poopy “booties” as we call them around here 😉 I just have them lean forward….don’t know about putting hands on the floor for when you are out in public restrooms….I don’t let my kids touch ANYTHING in those places!!! You can pretty much do the blind wipe and just check the toilet paper for when they are clean…….I have never thought this much about how I wipe them before….a very thought-provoking blog 😉
    One idea for public restrooms that works well for us is using the handicap stall and having them hold onto the bar and sit sideways on the toilet…that way they aren’t falling into the toilet or trying to touch the open middle part that always looks disgusting! Another bonus is there is room for the stroller with the baby:)


  5. Angie- i have my son do the same thing with leaning over to touch the ground but he is in diapers. My daughter has no problem wiping after peeing, but after pooping she cant reach herself and i wonder when she will. We also use the flushable wipes for daughter.


  6. You are hilarious, Emily.
    I wish I could share some insight with you in this area but S has yet to actually poop on the potty (from start to finish…she’s started to poop in her underwear and we got to the potty in time to finish up). She always poops right before she falls asleep for nap and for bed (when I put a diaper on her).
    Oh, the bliss of potty training…I’m with you. I’m all a/b the diapers and would much rather do that than potty train.


  7. hiney wipes. (flushable wipes) sarah jane leans forward (through my legs) so i can get a view of the situation. better than her wiping- that’s not pretty. thankfully bethany is much better at this- so i’m down to two hineys to wipe (besides my own). i told russ recently my job title should be “wiper” of butts, noses, well, everything.


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