I’m melting…

It’s 89 degrees right now—IN MY HOUSE!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Ev, Harris, and I have been sitting around in our diapers/underwear in front of fans all day because it is HOT!  Apparently, Seattle is going through a record-breaking heat wave (SO glad I made it here in time for that!), and now is not the best time to not have air-conditioning.  Other than my couple of years in California that didn’t include the summer, this is the first time I’ve lived without AC, and I’m not a fan, let’s just say.  (“Fan”—-ha!)  Of course normally it’s not a problem, a Seattle summer day is usually in the mid-70’s, right about perfect, and the nights dip down pretty cool, so our house usually feels pretty good.  But in times like this…it’s downright miserable.  Even if we could afford to buy a window unit, all the stores are sold-out.  I went to the store last night to buy more fans and they’re gone for good, as in they’re not getting any more in.  I think they’re pretty much sold-out everywhere, I’m gonna have to start making phone calls.

Evelyne’s red-cheeked and sweaty-haired, and poor Harris is asleep in just his diaper in the back room with the door shut.  I hate that it’s his bedtime at the hottest part of the day and we have to close the door (or else he’d never sleep, Evelyne’s too loud), but he has a box fan and a tiny fan next to his crib that’s pointed straight on him.  From the looks of the forecast, the heat isn’t going to be letting-up very much any time soon.  For those of you who know how much I LOATHE being even slightly too warm, you can only imagine how much I’m enjoying this.  This is one big reason why I wanted to leave the South, for goodness sake!  Anyway.  I guess we’ll be taking outings to the air conditioned stores and sitting naked in front of the fan for the next week or so.  There’s a good chance I’ll melt into a puddle before this is over.


3 responses to “I’m melting…

  1. Girl! I feel for you guys! I would take being too cold over too hot any day! Let us know if we need to FedEx you some fans! Hope it lets up soon!


  2. wait, weren’t you just complaining about the rain and dark few months ago? You should be enjoying this : )

    Simon and I are going to the wading pool at Green lake tomorrow at 10am. It’s really fun and a great place for toddlers – best of all it’s FREE. So come with us!


  3. OMGoodness Emily, I feel so sorry for you. You know, Clay is in the AC business 🙂 Let us know if you need anything!



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