How can I kill the spiders without poisoning my kids?

We have a spider problem.  Or rather, we’re about to.  Thanks to the lovely springtime, the outside of our house and our garage is covered in spiders and spiderwebs just like it was last year.  I don’t know what kind they are, and I don’t really want to know.  (I don’t think they’re a bad kind, though.)  I do know that I want them gone!  

OK, I realize that they have a right to be in the great outdoors as much as I do, but they are slowly starting to make their way in my house and that’s when I have a real problem!  For those of you who know me, you probably know how big of a phobia I have of spiders and how strong my reaction is when I’m confronted with one.  I get full-body chills just thinking of seeing one in my house!  A couple of weeks ago I looked down on our toy-covered living room floor and saw a HUGE black spider (like, an inch in diameter) scurrying across the room!  Thankfully, my brother was here and leapt into action while I jumped around and pointed while making weird squeaky noises, resisting the urge to abandon my kids and run out of the room.  I shudder to think what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been here and the spider was crawling close to one of my kids!  I suppose I would’ve had to be brave and save them, but I’m disgusted at the thought of such a huge spider on the floor where we play every day!  

Then, yesterday I was taking a shower, blissfully enjoying a few moments of quiet relaxation, and I opened my eyes to see a spider on the wall in front of me!  I tried to aim the shower head at him, but the water spray wouldn’t reach.  So what do I do but bolt out of the shower, run across the bedroom dripping water everywhere and snatch one of Clay’s tennis shoes from the closet and come back to smack the spider with the shoe.  I was very proud of myself since I usually don’t even kill them, I just make Clay do it.  Not to mention, this was a huge step forward from about a month ago when I saw a spider on the wall and instead of killing it with a paper towel, I drug out our vacuum cleaner, attached the long hose, and sucked it up!  (It gives me the heebie-jeebies to think it might still be alive somewhere in all the dirt in the vacuum!  I need to empty that thing.)

So here’s what I know, they’re making their way in our house and it’s only the very beginning of spider season.  When we moved here last August they were everywhere and continued to be a problem until around October or November.  If we didn’t have young kids I’d probably just go to the store and buy the strongest spider-killer spray I could find and soak our entire house in it.  But yeah, I guess that kind of stuff is pretty toxic and while I can make excuses for myself, I really can’t use that sort of thing when my kids could be ingesting it.  Even the outdoor sprays would probably find their way onto Evelyne’s shoes or toys, it just makes me really uncomfortable to use something like that.  

So I want to know if there are any non-chemical ways I can get rid of the spiders?  I went around with a broom and knocked-down all the webs I saw on the outside of the house the other day and by the next morning they were back.  I don’t know if I can continue to live in fear of another huge black spider one day crawling across my baby while he plays on the floor!  Help!


5 responses to “How can I kill the spiders without poisoning my kids?

  1. Sprinkle chili powder on their webs and the nooks
    where they stay.


  2. Well, aside from my husband’s shoes (wise choice on that one, always his never yours!) and the vaccum (yeah, I get creeped out about them getting out too) I’ve got three cats that kill most of ours. Fun playthings for them first.

    Otherwise, I just squash them and give thanks that I don’t live in Texas where I’d have to deal with scorpions or someplace with cockroaches. Yowza!


  3. oh dear. sounds like our house. i killed a small garden snake a few weeks ago in our KITCHEN. not okay. that’s not what broom sticks are for! but Em, at least it’s not a wasp/bee/stinging thing. i know you hate those! we’re dealing with fire ants here and a chemical engineering husband who wants to spray/sprinkle toxic, neurologically damaging chemicals around the play area outside. ugh. cinnamon and coffee grounds are working alright with the ants, but according to preston (works for big name bug pest company) spiders are hard to get rid of and even with chemicals, they only kill the ones that you aim at. not a preventative. swish away and take it on faith that soon Harris will be swishing for you! love you much!


  4. Besides itching all over from just thinking of spiders, I am laughing my butt off thinking of you running out of the shower to go get Clay’s shoe!! Not that I wouldn’t have done the same. Ick! I almost grabbed one off of some laundry the other day thinking it was fuzz. You should have seen the fits I went into after that incident! Good luck and if you find a way to safely get rid of them, let me know!


  5. Im totally with you, today I killed 2 huge spider (bodys bigger than my thumb nail and legs 1-1 1/2 inches long) Im a mom of 2 young children and the first spider I saw sent me running to my grandmas house and screaming at my husband that we are moving!!! after a few house at my grandmas my son got tired so i had to bring him home, and while both my kids were sleeping I thought I would get in the shower…nope HUGE spider was waiting for me… I poured bleach on it (to kill it so i didnt have to touch it) but it ran under my clothes so here i was naked standing on my toilet screaming and cry pouring bleach on my clothes (now ruined) and them the spider bolts for my sons potty…. I ran out of the bathroom slamming the door behind me and called my husband…I was crying like a baby… I have no clue what to do with these spiders and I still cant stop shaking (this happened 20 minutes ago…i found this page while trying to find a way to kill them)


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