This is all I can manage at this point










12 responses to “This is all I can manage at this point

  1. What a beautiful boy and family. Thanks for sharing the pics. Hope you’ll begin to get more sleep and gain more energy and strength.


  2. Look at that full head of hair! Oh my Emily! He is so handsome! These are really sweet pictures! You have a beautiful family.


  3. Looks like some precious family time going on. Congrats!


  4. I love his hair! He’s so cute. (Finally found your blog…i’m a little slow)


  5. Love all his hair!!!!


  6. how PRECIOUS!!! he is so beautiful!!! i love the hair! i hope you are getting rest here and there! can’t wait until your memphis visit!!!



  7. Thanks for these pictures. He’s already getting big! Like a real baby instead of a newborn!! He’s precious and I love seeing him with Ev. Hope you all are adjusting well and getting a sense of a new normal.


  8. your babies have so much hair!! and he is soo beautiful. i’m sure Ev is a great big sister too. OH and i totally understand the picture-only blog posts. that’s all i’ve been able to muster since the birth of my #2 a couple of weeks ago!! hang in there!


  9. Hi – Congrats on the beautiful baby! This is wonderful! It’s funny you mentioned St. Augustine in the comments at Baby Center, because I’m about to buy The Confessions of St. Augustine and have done quite a bit of reading on him. Talk about a restless spirit! Anyway, I happen to agree with you on letting God fill that space in us. It just hasn’t happened yet. I’m waiting! It helps, but it’s not 100% there. I keep saying, “Maybe if Rex was a Chrisitian” or “If Stink wasn’t dealing with Tourettes” or bla bla bla… but there’s never a perfect scenario. This is the point. We must make do with what we have, find grace, and move through it. Most times I can. When I’m in a funk, it’s just hard.

    Thanks for listening and again, great family you have! All the best!

    PS: my post of a few days ago dealing with the exact thing you just mentioned. Maybe you are onto something! LOL


  10. oh my goodness he is sooo cute! that hair reminds me of baby boy bowman! 🙂


  11. He’s so precious Em! I can’t wait to meet him. When are you coming to Memphis???


  12. hey- pictures are good. i’m getting worried that you were as overwhelmed as i am. enjoy it- the kids are so precious.


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