Post-baby fog

So I’ve already started writing two different posts that I never finished and probably never will.  (FYI, one was entitled, “My poor aching boobs”, so that might give you a clue as to how this past week has been!)

Let’s see…  Lots and lots and lots of nursing.  Boobs aren’t aching anymore, but they are spending most of the day out of my shirt as opposed to under it.  (And in case you were wondering, yes, I will be that kind of blogger that will talk about realities of bearing a child like sore boobs!)  He definitely spent the first four or five days constantly attached to the boob… and I don’t just mean feeding very frequently, I mean feeding for almost all of the minutes of the day.  But once my milk came-in and I finally caved on the paci, he’s calmed down a bit.  (A bit.)

A good bit of crying.  Harris has a real set of lungs.  At almost every single diaper change he screams bloody murder and turns red and looks like his little head is about to pop-off his body.  He’s not such a fan of not being held all the time, so unless he’s conked-out completely, there is usually a very loud cry soon after I dare to set him in the swing.  He quickly goes from zero to hysterical in no time flat.  

Evelyne has been wonderful.  She did spend her first few days as a big sister being played with by my parents, and yesterday was our first day alone once my parents had gone home and Clay went back to work.  Yesterday was exhausting.  She was wanting my attention and for me to be engaged in playing with her all the time, much more so than usual.  Today she was closer to being back to her usual self, happy to play and sing to herself for good stretches of time.  She’s had a few random incidents that I chalk up to adjustment (waking-up at night, a couple of small tantrums), but really, she’s been awesome.  

It’s been a challenging week.  I think I had in my head that Harris was going to be this angel baby who never fussed, and that’s definitely NOT the case.  I’m trying to not think negatively that it’s just going to get worse… but what if it just keeps getting worse?  Does anyone have any stories of how their newborns were a fussy, crying mess the first few weeks and then quickly grew out of it?  So far the tiredness has been manageable, but we were definitely up every hour and a half last night, so hopefully he’ll stretch that out a little bit in the coming weeks because that’s a grueling pace to keep.  

I will say that having Evelyne has helped me to think positively about the coming year.  When she was a crying, screaming, annoying baby, I had nothing to look forward to.  I had no idea what it’d be like to have a sweet and wonderful toddler that I would love to hang-out with.  I knew it was supposed to get better, but I didn’t know how.  So now when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the newborn demands of Harris, I think to myself, “If I can just get through the next few months, he’s going to emerge just as wonderful and precious as Evelyne, and we’re going to have double the blessing that she is.”  That has helped me press-on, to remember that he’s going to have a unique personality emerge just like she did, and though there were many sleepless and frustrating times with her, it was all worth it.  So I’m guessing this will all be worth it, too.


9 responses to “Post-baby fog

  1. enjoyed the read, keep on posting


  2. It will SO be worth it!! Elizabeth was 4 when Amy was born, and we were quite spoiled!! E was a good sleeper and generally a happy kid. Amy is STILL is not a good sleeper, and is WILD! But, there is nothing like seeing the way their faces light up when they see each other. That look is worth every sleepless night…and sore boobs. 😉


  3. it will be worth it. nothing is better than watching my little ones play together, sing together, and teach each other all kinds of wonderful (and terribly naughty) things! sorry about the boobs- it is worse when you have another sweet child that wants to be hugged and your boobs are screaming-“don’t touch!!” and bethany was a screamer-changed-pleasant baby. but even if Harris is more like Ev than not- you are going to LOVE it. eventually. if you can get a little sleep. praying for you- know i’m around to vent if you need it. love you-l


  4. well, the nice thing is, you know it can only get better, even if it does get worse for a little bit. that screaming baby is going to turn into your sweet little man and ev’s new best buddy! all in all, it sounds like you’re doing great. the beginning it just tough…you know that already though. praying for God’s grace, lots of patience, and of course, rest!


  5. ok–sounds like you don’t have time to talk on the phone–however, if you do, call me! i want to hear harris in action at least! love you~


  6. Both of my kids were pretty peaceful but when Aidan was first born he didn’t adjust to my milk very well. Don’t get me wrong- he liked it and was latched on almost all day, but his little system wasn’t reacting very well. Because his tummy hurt, he wanted to be on the breast even more, which increased the problem. I tried everything- adjusted my diet to try to help the situation but he didn’t start feeling better til I switched to a special formula that was made for colicy babies. It was a big adjustment (for me too) and he still wanted to be held a lot but stopped crying all the time. If Harris’ crying seems like it’s all day and nothing you do apeases him, ya might want to have him checked. Especially if by chance being lactose intollerent is something that runs in your family. If it turns out he’s just fussy and not in pain, then I’m sure that will subside soon. (fingers crossed) 😉


  7. Chin up, Em! It will get better soon, I promise. Your description of Harris sounds exactly like how Preston was when he was first born. He was definitely not what you would call a happy, easy-going baby. Pretty much, if he wasn’t eating or sleeping, he was crying. It was almost as if he wasn’t quite yet comfortable in his own skin…he wanted back in the womb! He hated getting his diaper changed, hated getting a bath, hated being held certain ways, etc. The good news is that he grew out of it to where it was bearable after the first month or so. After two weeks, I was able to feed him without gritting my teeth and tearing up, so that helped a LOT. We’re still working out the kinks, but it has gotten so much better. Hang in there girl! Call me soon! Love you.


  8. Oh gosh Emily, the first 6 weeks of Ebin’s life were pure hell for me and for anyone that was around him if he wasn’t sleeping. He had bad bad colic and I thought I was going to go insane. By week 3 sleep deprevation set in and I think I had a smidge of post partum. BUT by week 7 everything began to settle down and by week 8 he started smiling. The rainbow does come at the end of the storm 🙂 KBlair told me the 5 S’s 1.shhh him 2.swing him vigorously 3.swaddle him tightly … she couldn’t remember the other 2. But those really do work.


  9. still enjoying reading your blog


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