40 Weeks


So this is what it looks like to reach your due date and not have a baby in your arms.

Everything is ready, we just finished setting-up the pack-n-play next to our bed… my mom is here to watch Evelyne, and my dad is flying-in tomorrow.  Diapers are ready, clothes are washed, and my bag is (mostly) packed.  No impending labor signs yet, so we’ll see when this baby decides to make an appearance.  Hopefully it will be soon!!!!!


6 responses to “40 Weeks

  1. every time my phone rings I get excited thinking that it might be you – then I am disappointed when it’s not. I have been praying for you that you go into labor naturally because how much would it suck if you had to be induced this time too. Please consider trying acupuncture first if it comes to that!


  2. and by the way you look really cute with your little belly sticking out there!


  3. Good luck! I hope soon for you, i went 42.5 wks and had to be induced. Anything after 40 is just plain cruel.


  4. Hey girl. The waiting game is horrible, I know. Noelle came 6 days after my due date. I didn’t feel bad, but it was just annoying waiting for the labor to start and not knowing what it would be like. Just enjoy this time that you have and get as much rest as possible! Can’t wait to see pics of the newest Jones baby.


  5. kujas baby!? (that means, where is the baby in Dari/English. Darlish maybe…like Spanglish but minus the Spanish and plus the Dari)


  6. I’m sorry you’re still waiting. I was hoping for baby news when I popped on today. Still, I hope you really enjoy the time until the baby comes. Just think if you look at the calendar three weeks from now you KNOW you’ll have the baby no matter what. 🙂 That’s what I did, all three of mine were late, 14 days, 10 days and 7 days. The keep getting closer though (and bigger 9 lb 8 oz, 9 lb 10 oz and 10 lb 7 oz so I think I’ll stop now – ha ha).

    Good luck and a huge blessing on you and the baby for a wonderful, better than you can imagine labor and delivery!


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