Our (sorta) last day

I was just rocking Evelyne for her nap, and all of a sudden I realized that today is my last day alone with her.  Clay is snowboarding with some friends from work today, and my mom is flying-in tomorrow to be here when the baby is born.  After today, my mom is going to be here, it won’t be just Ev and me.  Which, of course, is perfectly fine and I’m excited for her to come, but it just made me kinda sad to realize that it’s like the end of an era.  For two years it’s been mainly just the two of us during the day.  She’s my sidekick, we’re buddies.  Today is the last official day of that.  After today there’s going to always be someone else here, whether it be my parents or the baby.  Clay and I realized last night while we were eating dinner that it was probably the last official dinner for just the three of us.  It’s exciting, but also sobering and kinda sad.  We’ve had a good run.

 Evelyne has really turned into such a fantastic little kid.  (Not like I’m that surprised, but we definitely had a few months in the beginning where I wasn’t so sure….)  Clay and I have been getting sentimental and noticing lately that she’s really just so great.  Although she definitely has her moments (as all kids do… and I would say much of it is more about me having MY moments!), overall she’s a happy, funny, obedient, entertaining, loving little girl.  We don’t take too much credit for that since much of it is just the personality and temperament she’s been given, but it is a bit reassuring to realize that we have to be doing at least something right!   She is just the sweetest little blessing, and I can’t wait to see how much she loves being a big sister.  (I think she’s really gonna get a kick out of it!)  



6 responses to “Our (sorta) last day

  1. Sweet post, Emily. It did take us a bit for the threesome to adjust to being a foursome, but now I barely remember life before becoming four = ). Sweet times you have had and sweet times are ahead!


  2. The more the marrier! 🙂 I bet by now you are thrilled to advance from the tummy-holding stage to the Mommy-holding stage… though being pregnant can be fun for some people. Can’t wait to see who he looks like when he arrives. Did you guys decide on a name?


  3. I’m getting thrilled, but I am one of those people who enjoys being pregnant! =) At least with Evelyne, my pregnancy was ten times easier than having her out! We did decide on a name, but we’re waiting until he’s born to share it with anyone. Gotta keep some suspense going! =)


  4. Great pic! Good luck on labor etc…hey–I miss those controversial blogs….:)


  5. thinking of you, so excited to hear how things go in the weeks to come with the birth of babyboy Jones. I know you will do great! praying for yall 🙂



  6. Im glad you realized it and got a chance to appreciate it and cheerish the last few moments and days. I did also and am so grateful for them. Oh how I wish to go back, im just kidding! 2 is just more fun!


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