Crowded Bed

I just finished another glorious afternoon nap….I’ve been taking a lot of those lately.  Actually, yesterday I took TWO naps!  I’m trying to extract every minute of free sleep that I can get before the baby gets here since I know that will be a luxury I won’t be able to often afford!  Having Clay home on the weekend is great since I can just say, “OK, I’m tired, I’m going to lie down, don’t let her eat too many crackers!”  Ah, the joys of a non-nursing child!  

Anyway, about the bed.  I was lying in bed and I looked around and noticed that we have FIVE full-size pillows in there!  Five!  Now that’s getting a little out of control.  It all started because when I’m pregnant my back hurts, especially at night when I’m lying in bed, so I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees to align my spine.  Then Clay, being the ever conscientious physical therapist, noticed that he too enjoyed keeping his back aligned and in proper position.  And as time’s gone by, we’ve both kinda graduated our leg pillows to full-out body-sprawl pillows.   So right there you’re at four pillows.  Then there’s Clay’s face pillow.  On most nights I like to lie in bed and read with a lamp on for awhile after Clay’s asleep.  So he puts a pillow over his face.  He says it’s really comfortable, I dunno, but that definitely makes for FIVE pillows in our bed every night!  Sometimes we have to practically wave at each other to say goodnight because we’re lying so far apart due to all the pillows in between us!  

Oh well, at least we’re both super comfortable!  This is also thanks to one of my Christmas presents—fleece sheets!  They are AMA—wait for it….ZING!!!!  I just want to spend all day lying in bed and moving my arms back and forth to enjoy their softness.  I don’t know how we can ever go back to regular sheets.  So yeah, even though five pillows might be a little bit of overkill, I highly recommend the comfort factor and the wonderful sheets!  Too bad I can’t spend more time in the bed.


2 responses to “Crowded Bed

  1. I love love love my bed….after my first pregnancy (over 8 yrs ago) I HAD to have 4 pillows. I have one between my legs, one to hold on too, and two for under my head. I sort of angle them so my head doesn’t smush the middle of the pillow. My poor husband has gotten used to it although he does not enjoy it. I will have to try the fleece sheets…sounds cozy.


  2. this is hilarious! leland and i are the exact same way. we both sleep with a pillow between our legs – this started when i was pregnant with charlotte – he wanted the extra pillows too! i sleep with a pillow under my head and one over my head, because leland snores. now he does the same thing, because, well, i’m not sure why, to copy me i guess? all together i think we have about six pillows in the bed at night. we need a bigger bed!!


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