So, we had a great first Christmas in Washington.  Very different from what we’re used to, but good nonetheless.  Before we moved here we lived within about 20 minutes of almost all of our family members, so holidays meant lots and lots of family time.  This year it was just the three of us, quite a different pace!  We did get to spend Christmas Eve with our friends Joe and Jennifer and their girls.  They cooked a fabulous dinner for us and Evelyne and their girls played, and it was a great time.  (These are Evelyne’s current favorite friends—she’s crazy about them and LOVES playing with them!)




Christmas morning Evelyne was very happy to discover a brand-new play kitchen from Santa.  I knew she would enjoy it, but I had no idea that she would play with it for every waking minute of the day!  She LOVED it!  I think her favorite part is the play ice cream cones… she takes the ice cream part off of the cone and then pours “coffee” into the cone to drink it.  (Ya think she’s used to me drinking coffee or what?)


We spent much of the day video chatting with our families via Skype.  (This has really been such a MAJOR part of us staying connected to friends and family back home.  Evelyne usually gets to talk to her grandparents at least once a week, sometimes several times, face-to-face on the computer.  I think it’s played a huge role in them being an active role in her life and her continuing to grow in those relationships.  Some friends even threw me a “virtual shower” last month, how amazing is that? We love it!)  Our families Skyped us in during present-opening, so we got to watch everyone open the gifts we sent and they got to watch us open our gifts.  It really helped us to feel like we were there and enjoying Christmas with our families.  

I kinda thought I would’ve been really sad and upset to not be in Memphis for Christmas, but I was actually really ok with it.  Of course I really missed everyone, and it was kinda odd to have such a quiet and laid-back time with just the three of us, but it was also nice.  It was exciting watching Evelyne really experience and enjoy her presents for the first time (she was too young to care last year), and I think it helped to solidify our own identity as a family unit.  My favorite gift is probably the fleece sheets Clay gave me.  They are the softest and warmest things I’ve ever slept-in, and I just want to lie in bed all day long and rub my arms and legs back and forth to experience them!  

Oh, and thank goodness the baby didn’t come at Christmas!  Now that that’s out of the way, I’m ready!!

And another thing…  it definitely snowed almost all day on Christmas!  Our first white Christmas!  The good part was that it was super-beautiful to watch.  The bad part is that we’re still almost snowed-in our own house.  The main roads are fine, but we live at the end of a cul-de-sac and all the snow has been pushed-up in heaps.  We left the house tonight for the first time in almost a week and spent about 15 minutes being stuck before Clay was able to dig us out.  Now that everything’s melting and yucky and I STILL can’t drive off my own street by myself, it’s not so pretty.  

So, it was a good Christmas.  Great long weekend.  Evelyne’s becoming a gourmet chef.  Hope the snow melts soon.  Hope the baby comes soon.


4 responses to “Post-Christmas

  1. all my kids love play kitchens as well- glad you enjoyed a quiet christmas. ours was quiet here in TX as well- random question that you will know the answer to- is ev still backwards in the carseat? how long can/should you leave kids backwards. sam is still backwards (only 16 months) but russ is harrassing me to switch him. just wanted to know how long it’s recommended. age 2?


  2. Actually, I was planning to do a post about this asap! Ev just turned 2 and is still rear-facing. Technically, it is recommended to stay rear-facing until the weight/height limits of your seat, that’s different ages for every child. What kind of seat do you have? I think the Britax limit is 35 lbs., ours is 33 lbs. (check your manual) As far as height, I believe they need to have an inch of hard shell above their heads. I think age 2 is a turning point for their spine growth, so it’s a good goal to shoot for, but simply because of the physics involved, it’s always safer in a crash to be rear-facing (even for adults), so as long as he’s under weight limits it’s good to keep him rear-facing if possible.


  3. So glad you enjoyed Christmas in Seattle. It’s, of course, nice to be with family, but I also am jealous of the time you got to spend with just your family relaxing and making memories. Loved seeing you guys on Skype! Evelyne was so precious – Later, we looked through some old Christmas albums and there is an old picture of Clay that looks EXACTLY like Ev – it was amazing!


  4. How ironic, this is the first Christmas I have been home in over 5 years and this is your first away from home. There are advantages to each but its good to experience both sides so you appreciate the other one even more. Merry Christmas!


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