It’s the end of the world as we know it

Woke-up this morning to gorgeous snow swirling around and covering the evergreen trees in my backyard.  I raised the blinds on our big window in the living room and have been watching it all morning.  It’ll slow down for awhile and then pick back up with huge flakes that are just beautiful.  We actually have several inches on the ground, and I love it!

I’m learning that apparently Seattlites have the same reaction to a little snow that Memphians do—they freak-out.  I watched a little bit of the news last night (for the first time in months, I might add) and it was really funny.  We didn’t get any snow until last night, but I guess many parts of the areas around us got it much of yesterday.  The newscasters were doing everything they could to make this into a huge story, naming it something like HUGE DISASTER OF A BLIZZARD 2008!!!!  It wasn’t snowing in Seattle yesterday but that didn’t stop them from showing clips of people walking outside where literally the commentary was, “And not only is it cold today (around 30 degrees–big deal), but it’s also windy!!!!  These city-dwellers attempt to brave the elements to make it into work today.”  Meanwhile they show a few people wearing unbuttoned coats, not even looking very cold, walking with their hair slightly blowing in the wind.  Oooooh…. windy.  Apparently this is some of the coldest weather the Seattle area has had for quite some time which I just find funny.  I know it’s a temperate area and all that, but it just strikes me as odd that we moved out of the South and up near freakin’ CANADA!!!!  and people up here still don’t know what to do with a couple of inches of random snow.  Well, folks, we’re surviving.  

Eugene Cho’s just-in-case it really is the end of the world goodbye video, live from the Snowpocalypse.


5 responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it

  1. How funny. When I lived up there (remember I come from Southern California) I freaked out at the first snowfall….funny thing is so did everyone else. I had to work the guard gate at Ft Lewis and on the off ramp I saw like 8 crashes in my 8 hr shift….no one knew how to drive or what to do…mass hysteria…I guess they still haven’t learned. 🙂


  2. I did forget to say I hope you are able to enjoy the beauty of it though….today we have a clear sky and can see the snowy tops of the mountains, it is gorgeous.


  3. We’re suppose to get a foot of snow and everyone is flipping out. It probably won’t even happen. I guess it’s better that the news is only talking about snow and not something worse.


  4. Well, Emily you’ll be happy to know that it is almost 70 degrees today in Memphis and will be tomorrow as well. But, just like it always is here, the weather changes at the drop of a hat. The high on Sunday is 38. Like they say here, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute”. Great pics of Evy and glad to hear she loved her b-day gifts. We love you guys and miss you!


  5. Im in San Diego and while I havnt spent the last 5 winters here ( I was in Canada and Detroit and Philly) I am freezing and it isnt even snowing. Amazing how fast our bodies change, lol!


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