Happy Birthday, Evelyne!

Or as she would say, “Hapatoo!!!”  



Monday was Evelyne’s 2nd birthday, and it was a good one.  We pretty much celebrated a whole Birthday Weekend around here, so the 15th was just the icing on the cake…..so to speak.  Ha!  Saturday night we had a few friends over to celebrate with pizza and cake.  Last year at her first birthday party she was pretty oblivious to the whole fiasco, especially since was just coming off of a bout with roseola, but this year she was so excited to have her friends over, be sung to, eat cake, open presents, etc…  We’ve had a lot of family birthdays lately, so while she definitely didn’t understand the whole aging concept, she knew that it was a special day for her.  Every time we’d sing her the birthday song she’d get this big bashful smile on her face like, “Aw, you guys!!!!!”  


Saturday night it snowed, so Sunday morning we played hooky from church and gave Evelyne her new tricycle.  We played in the snow, and she rode her new bike on our icy streets.  It was a fun birthday memory!


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Monday morning we visited Clay at work and then I took her to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal lunch.  She’s only been there a couple of times in her life, but the girl could eat her weight in french fries, so she loves it.  We sat next to each other eating our fries in the playground area, just us.  It was so surreal.  I don’t think I’ve ever been out to eat with just her, so it definitely made me think about how much older she’s getting.  


I can’t believe my baby is two!  I’ve been rocking her to sleep for her naps lately, and every time I look at her sleeping face in my arms, I see newborn Evelyne.  Of course at this point she can barely fit in my lap (I’m sure that also has to do with my big belly!), but it always makes me think of holding her as a tiny baby.  She’s a pretty cuddly and affectionate kid, although she has been refusing me kisses lately.  She loves to be rocked and kissed and tickled and to curl-up in my lap to read.  Often in the mornings when I’m sitting on the floor checking my email and she’s watching Sesame Street, she just stands next to me with her hand on my shoulder and her face pressed next to mine… or she perches in my lap and pats me absentmindedly.  

This past year has been so much better than our first year together!  Like I’ve said before, Evelyne has somehow grown from a fussy, hard-to-please baby into a relatively easy and hilarious toddler.  She is bursting with personality and so much fun to be around.  She’s changed so much even just the past six months, and now that she talks alot, I just love being able to have little conversations with her and learn more about what she likes and thinks about.  She feels the most passionate about her love for Mimi…her beloved stuffed lamb upon whose ears she chews and sucks for comfort.  She’s kinda nasty and has her own unique smell, but it’s sweet to see the depth of love Evelyne has for her.  


She’s also completely obsessed with baby dolls.  She spends the better part of her day playing with her two babies and Mimi…giving them a bottle, taking them for a walk in the doll stroller, putting them night-night under a blanket, rocking them, etc…  over and over and over.  Anytime she hears a baby crying she turns to me with a concerned look and says, “Poor baby, poor baby.”  I feel pretty hopeful that she’s going to be a good big sister.  I think she’ll be so overjoyed at having a real live baby in her house that she won’t know what to do with herself!  I’m going to have to really be careful and make sure she doesn’t think that he belongs to her… I can just picture walking in the room and finding her little brother slumped over in the doll stroller underneath a blanket!  

Her new favorite thing to play when Clay gets home from work is chase.  Except she can’t handle the suspense of someone chasing her, so half the time instead of running away from us she’ll run into us squealing in laughter. Over the past few months she’s really developed a love for singing.  (girl after my own heart!)  She loves singing the ABC’s and “Twinkle, Twinkle,” and when we’re driving in the car she spends most of her time looking out the window and singing her own little made-up songs.  (And she has pretty good pitch!)  

Clay and I have sat back this week and marveled at the past year we’ve had with Evelyne, how much she’s changed and how much we love and enjoy her.  It’s amazing how much of a difference one year has made in who she is and the ways we relate to her.  I can’t imagine how much this next year will change our lives, especially now that we’re adding a little brother to the mix.  It’s kinda bittersweet that this is her last birthday when it’s just us, but I can’t wait to see how much she loves being a sister, I know it’s going to be the greatest gift we give her. 

So, “Hapatoo!!!!,” Evelyne!  Here’s to another year of adventure!


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Evelyne!

  1. I know we were one day late this year in calling Evie and I am so sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVELYNE!!!!!! We love you guys and will miss you terribly during Christmas. btw Evie’s hair is so long.


  2. I can’t believe how quickly 2 years have passed! It makes me so sad that we couldn’t be there to celebrate, but I’m so glad she had a wonderful weekend. I hope y’all are really able to cherish these last few weeks (or days!) with just Evy—it passes by so quickly. But like you said, once you see her with her little sibling it is truly priceless! Please tell Evy we said hi and hopefully we’ll get to talk to you soon on skype! Love you all!


  3. Aww….sweet Ev. Happy Day cute girl. Love all the pics of her birthday fun. Can’t believe the snow crazies up there. Love y’all~


  4. Happy birthday! I cant believe our babies are two. Imagine 2 more years when she is four and your son is 2. thats a trip. Enjoy it while we can!


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