The darkest Friday I’ve ever seen

And I don’t mean metaphorically dark… I mean it’s really dark outside.  Like, we’ve had to turn lamps on in the house all day long because from the time I woke-up until right now (4:oo p.m., the time it’s normally dark anyway) the sun has been hiding, the rain has been falling, and it’s been ever so dreary and bleak.  I think I might hate this winter.  The weather says it will probably snow tomorrow, so I guess we’ll see about that.  

Yesterday I was at Fred Meyer (a store I’d never seen until I moved here… a weird blend of Kohl’s, Kroger, and uh, JC Penney, maybe?) and I saw three things I wanted to buy that were on sale this week:  a kitchen for Evelyne for Christmas, a toddler rocking chair, and some new throw pillows.  Since I was by myself and I knew Clay would be home today and I didn’t really feel like loading-up those big boxes in the back of the van by myself, I just figured we’d go back today to buy everything.  Well, that wasn’t such a smart idea.  I called this morning and they were out of everything.  I called several stores–out.  I finally found one that had the kitchen, so we packed-up and drove in the rain to the most crowded store ever.  A rude man in a red Explorer stole our parking space, even though we were waiting for it with our blinker on.  I normally don’t get upset at other drivers, but it was all I could do to keep my hands at my side.  Unfortunately he was already in the store by the time we parked at the back of the parking lot and walked in the rain past his car.  All I wanted to do was stick-out my 9-month pregnant belly and show him my sniffly toddler in the rain and make him feel bad about his poor decision, but I didn’t get the satisfaction.  The store had the kitchen, did not have the pillows or rocking chair.  I was SO annoyed.  

 I’m watching Sesame Street for the second time today.  They really need to quit it with the re-runs, let’s get some new material up in here.  I’ve had it with the same letters and numbers of the day.  But they are educational, I’ll give them that.  Evelyne knows all of her ABC’s and numbers 1-10, and I think good ol’ Elmo helped kickstart that.  

OK, that’s all.


2 responses to “The darkest Friday I’ve ever seen

  1. Just tell them you need help to check out next time and leave it in the car till Clay gets home. I only say this cause I hate when you miss out on something due to belly reasons. There should be a pregnant law away, Ill come back and pick it up when i give birth, jk!


  2. That really stinks. Christmas shopping when you’re pregnant and toting a toddler around is no fun. I’ve learned that if I want something in particular for my child for Christmas, then lots of other parents probably have the same idea, so I’ve got to act fast.


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