Can we please talk about gas prices?

I just want to yell-out a big “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!!!!”  I am beyond excited about the current price of gas—today I drove past the cheapest gas station I know and it was $1.79!  I realize that it’s a lot cheaper in other parts of the country, my mom told me today that some places in Memphis are in the $1.40’s…. (which makes me want to throw-up, by the way), but the $1.70’s is pretty darn great!  I don’t recall gas being this cheap since I was in college!  

I’m completely oblivious to the way the oil industry works, so I have no idea why they’re coming down other than the fact that it’s winter and prices are usually a little cheaper in the winter.  And it kinda cracks me up that prices were as high as they had ever been and everyone was all “DOOM! DESTRUCTION! EVIL GAS COMPANIES!” and now it’s the cheapest it’s been in years.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it’ll last that long, but while it does, it’s saving us a good $100 a month which is HUGE for us.  

Yay for cheap gas!!!

What’s the cheapest you’ve seen gas so far?


3 responses to “Can we please talk about gas prices?

  1. it’s a conspiracy….but i’m still enjoying it at 1.44 and less with a kroger card. 😉


  2. I think the market price of oil, which the supply of gas is refined from, is reflective of future speculation on demand, which they are forecasting as being much lower with the recent “going’s on”. Since they think future demand will be low, it has dropped current prices to their mid 1990 levels, which is a beautiful thing I agree.


  3. my hubby’s info. – since he’s in the the oil/refining business, of course in my own words (since his words are filled with engineering jargon) the gas companies have to add less “stuff” to the oil in the winter- due to cooler temps- and less evaporation and polution… equals cheaper gas prices… i’m sure there is supply/demand issues, etc. but that’s one reason it’s cheaper in general during the winter months.


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