You know what’s the grossest thing?

When you take fish oil pills and then keep burping-up the taste of fish.  Seriously disgusting.


7 responses to “You know what’s the grossest thing?

  1. Hey Emily, just a little secret about the fish oils … if you place them in the freezor you won’t burp fish any longer! Seriously, I learned it from a friend that is in pharmacy school. Works like a charm 🙂



  2. Yeah, I’ve had those before too. Take them right before bed and you won’t have a problem, at least I don’t.


  3. why are you taking them? for the pregnacy? is there something super healthy about them i need to know?? fish burps would be pretty nasty, i can imagine!


  4. I could never get the freezer trick to work for me. Trader joes sells some that are burp free but I worry about their mercury content. The best I have found so far a Barlean’s Fresh catch fish oil in “orange Flavor” – They sell them at Fred Meyer.


  5. Laura, click on the link in the post, I wrote a previous post awhile back about the benefits. Usually I take them right before bed and never have the burp problem, but last night I stayed-up for a few hours after taking them, and it was just gross. =)


  6. Yuck, yuck, yuck! That’s absolutely disgusting! I remember taking some prenatal vitamins that did that to me, so I switched. I guess that’s not exactly an option for you.


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