The best feeling ever

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s just such a wonderful thing that I have to say it again.  

The best feeling ever…. slowly waking-up from a long afternoon nap, realizing that your daughter is still asleep, and drifting back off to sleep again…. and then waking-up after TWO HOURS to the quiet and not a whining, “MAma!  MAma!!!” because she’s still asleep!   It rarely happens, but when it does… magical.  

(I’m really cherishing these last few weeks of this before the baby comes to shake-up everything!)


2 responses to “The best feeling ever

  1. Looks like Evy is starting to take after her mother now. Everytime you post something about her on here it makes us miss her so much more. I know Katie is excited about coming next week and we’re so glad you’ll have some family there for Thanksgiving. We love and miss you guys so much! Give Evy a big “double doo” for me!


  2. Sing it sister. I know what you mean.


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