Forget I said anything

I completely take back my words from this morning about Evelyne’s fever making her happy.  Apparently that stage is over and we’re in the middle of the major fever fussies.  She’s been pretty much crying/whining since she woke-up from her nap an hour and a half ago.  I can tell she’s not feeling great, and it’s like she’s mad about it but doesn’t know exactly what to be mad about.  So she keeps saying, “NO! NO! NO!” about anything and everything.  When I pointed-out the water (ocean) on tv she said, “NO NO WATER! NO NO WATER!” in this half-hysterical way.  Then she asked for juice and as I was pouring it said, “NO NO JUICE! NO NO JUICE!”

“Evelyne, do you want to watch Sesame Street?”  “hey.”  (her way of saying yes)  Turn-on S.S.  “NO NO EH-WAH!  (Elmo) In the past 10 minutes we’ve gone from Sesame Street to Dora to Mickey Mouse and now she’s crying for Elmo again.  (I’m not usually this accomodating on her tv selection, but the girl is sick.)  GOOD GRIEF.

She’s been yelling, “NO NO TUP!!! NO NO TUP!!!” for ten minutes.  (cup)  I can’t quite figure-out what’s wrong with the cup she requested me to get her, but she’s having some very conflicted and violent reactions to it.

This is SO not my favorite virus anymore.


2 responses to “Forget I said anything

  1. Oh nooo. Im sorry! Hope se feels better soon!


  2. praying for you and ev tonight- the crankies can be rough- but be thankful for the lack of “bodily fluids” thus far. i’ll take a cranky toddler anyday. but it is so tough when they can’t get across what she wants. when in doubt…motrin and benadryl. benadryl is good for everything- tummy aches (works like drammaine), fussiness (makes them mellow out) and well, obviously for allergies! i don’t give the kids benadryl just for fussies, that’s a bit ridicious and a bit like “drugging” the baby- but if i can’t pinpoint what’s wrong (other than fever) i figure it might help to make sure that they don’t have sinus pressure- which really ticks me off.


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