Since when does a fever make you happy?

So, Evelyne has a fever.  She hasn’t been really sick in quite a long time, but I’m guessing she caught something this past Sunday at church.  She was a little fussy last night when I was making dinner, but that’s nothing new, I figured she was just hungry.  I thought she might’ve felt a little warm, but I’m really not a good judge of that kind of thing (my Mommy Fever-Radar is still in the development phase).  When Clay got home he said she felt really hot, and I took her temperature and it was 102.7!  But, she was still happy and in a great mood!  Perfect example of how Evelyne can get a high fever at the drop of a hat but not really be all that sick and when she’s really sick, it goes super-high.

She slept all night, woke-up at the normal time, and when I went to get her out of bed she felt hot.  Her temp. was 101.6, but she was even more chatty and happy than usual!  Right now she’s watching her daily dose of Sesame Street and just finished spinning in a circle in the middle of the room.  Hopefully the fever will go away throughout the day, but right now I have a happy and sick girl on my hands!  Weird!


5 responses to “Since when does a fever make you happy?

  1. Maybe she’s got roseola. Shea had a pretty high fever with that, but she didn’t act terribly sick. The fever lasted about four days, then she broke out in a rash. Nash had it this past week. His fever wasn’t nearly as high, and it didn’t last as long for him. If that’s what she’s got, the good news is that you can only get it once!


  2. Yeah, except I think she already had that last year. It wasn’t officially diagnosed as roseola, but we went to the doctor and found-out it was just a virus, and then a few days later she had the rash. I’m thinking it’s just a cold, she tends to get a fever in the beginning. Who knows! When we first moved here she had a super-high fever for a day or two and then nothing, it just went away and no other symptoms. Weird. At least she’s not too upset about it. =)


  3. enjoy the good tempered fever. it’s my favorite of all viruses! a bit more cuddles, a bit calmer kid and no vomit, boogers, etc.. but seriously, my kids do this- apparently higher fever in kids isn’t as serious as high fever in adults.


  4. hahaha I think it’s my “favorite of all viruses”, too! That really made me laugh out loud! Good description, too! Hahaha!


  5. Or you could have my son who throws up and then smiles, laughs and helps clean it up. Kids, no one will ever figure them out, lol!


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