Super-cheap steak burgers from Omaha Steaks!

So, thanks to MoneySavingMom, I found this amazing deal that I’m still reeling from!  I just placed an order with Omaha Steaks and will be receiving TWENTY 4-5 oz. steak burgers delivered to my door for a total of $1.98.  Catherine has the steps written-out on her blog about how to get this deal, but I’m just going to copy them below since I know my dear readers aren’t fans of links.  It looks really complicated, but I did this in about five minutes (other than waiting for the email, that took a couple of hours), and it really wasn’t hard.  I believe this works-out to being about $.36 per pound for some high-quality steak burgers.  I consider that a pretty great deal!  Here’s the scoop:

1) Go to this link to sign up for the Geico website. You do NOT have to have Geico, you do NOT have to switch any of your insurance. It just gives you a username for their website, and they will email you within an hour or so with a link to a gift card code. Check your spam folder if you don’t get the email after two hours or so. The gift card number is really long, so double check when you write it down.

2) Go to this link and type in your email address. They will send you an email confirmation right away, and there is a link within the email to start shopping. After you get your gift card code from step one, use that link to order the hamburgers (described below) and it will automatically give you 12 free 4 ounce burgers. The 12 free won’t show up in your cart until you check out, so don’t panic.

(Update: link from step 2 should be fixed now)

3) When you get your gift card code and go to the link through the step two link, you’ll be at the Omaha Steaks website. In the left hand sidebar, click on the link for “burgers/brats” etc. Scroll down until you see the option for “eight 5 ounce steak burgers” for 12.99. Add that to your cart, then checkout. (Note: apparently the $12.99 option doesn’t work for everyone, if you get through the next step and it doesn’t work, go back and get the $14.99 option. It will cost you $2 more out of pocket, but you’ll get that much more meat.)

4) At checkout, you enter your address etc and you should see the 12.99 burgers, plus the 12 free burgers you got from doing step 2 above. At the point where they ask for payment, you’ll see that they add in about $13 for shipping – don’t worry, your gift card code will cover that. Before you enter your credit card (or paypal – one of the payment options is “pay by paypal” if that is easier for you), enter your gift card code and hit “apply” or whatever the button says next to that. That should take your total down to roughly $1.98. Then enter your actual payment method and you will only be charged $1.98 (it may be a few cents more or less depending on your address, it was $1.98 for me)

5) Complete the transaction. In a few days you’ll be getting a cooler shipment of 5.5 pounds of Steak burgers, which works out to ONLY 36 CENTS A POUND!


7 responses to “Super-cheap steak burgers from Omaha Steaks!

  1. So I tried it and it said my gift card number only worked on orders of $100 or more. 😦

    Did yours not say that?


  2. no!!!! mine totally worked automatically!!! maybe they just implemented that b/c people were getting so much cheap beef? Maybe try again with a different email address? sorry!!


  3. Yeah…I got the $100+ message, too. That was the original intent of the giftcard, I think, and they must have realized their mistake and fixed it. Ah well.


  4. OK, I just got an email from Omaha Steaks saying this:
    Dear MRS JONES

    Thank you for shopping at Omaha Steaks! We appreciate your business and
    are confident you will be delighted with your order.

    We do show when placing this order, a special offer for a free item was
    combined with the $25 reward card. As stated in all promotions for free
    items, offers cannot be combined. Your order will ship without the free

    If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us at
    1-800-329-6500. We would be happy to assist you.

    So I guess that means I’m getting 8 burgers for $1.98, which is still pretty great since they’re high quality steak. But oh well, that would’ve been a GREAT deal!


  5. Emily,

    Thanks for all your tips! I did this yesterday and it did work. I have not, however, received this email yet about the extra offers. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, keep all your money-saving tips coming! I also got 65 dollars worth of free stuff from Rite-Aid last week! I appreciate it!!


  6. Well shoot! I tried a couple of times and once I got the message that I had an “invalid giftcard #” and then the other time, I got the “must spend $100 message”.

    O well………enjoy your free meat!


  7. I got the same “invalid” message as those above. What a bummer – I was excited about getting such a great deal! Keep them coming, and thanks anyway.


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