Change of plans

Soooo….  as I’ve mentioned before, we have been planning to do the whole natural childbirth thing with this baby and deliver in a free-standing birthing center.  Change of plans.  (sort of)  We are currently uninsured (long story) and our new insurance from Clay’s job should kick-in November 1st.   The problem is, our deductible is really high since we have a health-savings account.  And even after that we’re only covered 80%, so we’re going to end-up paying lots of money that we don’t currently have in order to get this baby out.  Delivering in the birth center is an extra $2500, $500 of which we would have to pay.  That just ain’t worth it.

So, the new plan is—homebirth.  We live less than a mile from the birthing center, which is only a few blocks from the hospital.  Medically speaking, there is no advantage to delivering at the birthing center over our house.  The midwives will bring all of the equipment they use for every birth, and since we live so close to the hospital, if for some reason we had to transfer, it wouldn’t really take any more time.  I was leaning toward the BC originally because mentally it’s hard to wrap my mind around having a baby in my living room when my only previous experience was a hospital birth…. and because they have these awesome jacuzzi tubs that I could use during labor.  And I wouldn’t have to prepare anything.  But, for $500, I’ll take a pass on the jacuzzi tub.  Another positive is the Evelyne factor.  Since she sleeps 11 hours at night, theoretically I could go through my entire labor and delivery while she stays asleep in her bed and we wouldn’t have to worry about finding someone to watch her if my mom isn’t here.  At least, worst-case scenario, if we couldn’t find anyone to watch her if I went into labor during the day, she could just stay here the whole time.  (although ideally I’d rather not watch Sesame Street while in labor)

Soooo…. it looks like homebirth it is! I keep looking around my house and wondering where the baby will actually pop-out…that’s a weird thought to get used to!


8 responses to “Change of plans

  1. Emily~I’m so proud of you! If you’re willing to share with your reading world, I look forward to hearing about it.


  2. i can’t wait to hear more details of this- i am fascinated by homebirth. but alas, i couldn’t have done it with my risky babies! and i don’t think that russ could handle that. when i would have consistent contractions with the babies, he would always say- “i will NOT deliver this baby!” and “you are NOT having the baby here!” so kudos to you AND clay. jacuzzis are nice, but not 500 dollars nice (unless you get to bring it home and install it in your own home)


  3. wonders never cease.


  4. I REALLY can’t wait to hear about it! I think it is awesome. I wish I could have done it. Either I was too lazy to research it with my last two or I was just in too much shock about being pregnant at all that my brain couldn’t handle any excess thinking. 🙂 Anyway, you go Em! 🙂


  5. Thats hilarious to say, i wonder where the baby will pop out but valid question. GL, cant wait to hear the answer of that question.


  6. Good luck to you!! My last 5 babies have been born at home and I wouldn’t have changed anything. The first two were c-sections in a hospital. I don’t like to be hot at all while I’m in labor and about freeze my husband and midwife out, so I wouldn’t have opted for a jacuzzi. Hope everything goes well for you, I’ll putting you on my prayer list! Can’t wait to here how everything goes, if your sharing that is. 🙂 Mother of 7


  7. Good for you! You can always rent a birthing tub and set it up in your living room or bedroom. Not a jacuzzi but I know women who wouldn’t do it any other way, I’ve heard it’s great.


  8. I had planned a natural birth with Chapman, though things didn’t go according to plan. I am so excited to read about your birthing experience. If we ever have another child (BIG if there!), I would like to do a home birth with the least amount of medical intervention possible… my mom had me naturally, and out of all three of her birth experiences (natural with me, c-section with Meredith due to her being breach, and VBAC with epidural with Kaitlin), she has said that it was the best, hands down. Praying for you guys! How’s the weather up there?


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