I had the weirdest dream

So I had a dream that Clay was trying to decide whether or not to kill me with a homemade gun made from the keyless entry thing on my keychain that goes to my car.  I spent all night trying to stay in his good graces so he wouldn’t get mad and shoot me.  When he finally decided that he wouldn’t, I grabbed the keychain thingy and tried to shoot-out the bullet so it wouldn’t be dangerous anymore.  Well, unfortunately for me, at that very moment who in the world but Kimora Lee Simmons popped-up in front of me, and I accidentally shot her.  I was so apalled at myself that I immediately ran to the grocery store to hide from the police.  For some reason, that involved pretending that I was handicapped and riding in a wheelchair all around the store.  Kimora’s friends were everywhere, mourning her injury, and I just kept scooting in my wheelchair and acting like I was unable to walk, dodging suspicious questions.   Eventually I found-out that she wasn’t dead, just in the hospital.  I breathed a great sigh of relief.  THE END.


7 responses to “I had the weirdest dream

  1. sarah christoph

    That’s hilarious!


  2. That is pretty funny. I too had very vivid dreams most nights while pregnant with both. Did I hear somewhere it’s a boy? That’s great! Boys are so much fun. Hope things are still going smoothly in your transition!


  3. pregnancy dreams. i’m thankful that those are not dreams i’m having right now!


  4. That is hilarious! (In a weird way!!)


  5. sarah christoph

    you’re having a boy?! That’s fantastic! Boys are so wonderful!


  6. Oh the joys of pregnancy dreams. I dreamed once that hubby and I were in a taxi being chased by a camel. Another time I dreamed that I had to name my unborn baby after one of the characters on Friends. Oi.

    That said, I’m tagging you. Go check out my blog and today’s post about being tagged and get your mind off weird dreams. 🙂


  7. Nice… did someone watch trash tv before going to bed? jk, lol!


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