Back in the Swing of Things

Last week was a pretty slow week for blogging (I promise I wasn’t just trying to ignore all your HOT TOPIC comments!) because we had a last-minute visit from my family!  My brother, sister-in-law, niece, and mom all came-in last week and this weekend to visit us for my birthday.  They didn’t even book flights until last weekend, so this was a great surprise and very welcome trip.  We had so much fun watching Evelyne and my niece Hannah play together again (they’re only 2 months apart in age), visited several great local parks, walked around downtown Kirkland, and went to Pike Place Market in Seattle.  Since moving here in August Clay and I haven’t really done anything Seattle-ish, so it was our first time being tourists.

My favorite part of the market was definitely all the free samples!!!!  Free food is pretty much one of my favorite things in the world, so I was pretty excited about all the samples we were being offered–Clay kept telling me how happy I looked, he even said I was glowing at one point!  haha!  I guess free food will do that to me!

It was great to show my family where we live and take my mom to our new church here.  Evelyne had the best time ever being surrounded by family and having a temporary live-in playmate.  Now that everyone’s gone I can definitely tell that she’s missing them.  Since I’ll be too pregnant to travel, we won’t get to go back home to Memphis for any of the holidays this year, so the next time I see everyone will be next Spring, and I’ll have a newborn with me!  (That’s a weird thought.)

I haven’t mentioned it much on the blog, but yes, I’m definitely still pregnant, almost 28 weeks.  The belly has majorly popped out there, and I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger!  (You’d think I’d never done this before)  Clay and I still don’t have a boy name (we think it’s a boy, and we already have a girl name just in case), so any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

That’s about it for now, thankfully we have a busy schedule this week so Evelyne will stay entertained when it’s just her and me and no family around. Clay has another weekend class all next weekend, so it’s sure to be a loooong week with no good breaks for me.  OK, I’m off to eat my leftovers from last night’s dinner at the Cheesecake Factory….mmmmmmm!!!!!


6 responses to “Back in the Swing of Things

  1. Hmmm cheesecake factory. Those portions are so huge, you can eat them for days, lol! Glad you got out and enjoyed your new city.



  2. Fun! Glad you had a nice time!


  3. so you aren’t going to find out for sure whether it’s a boy or girl? that’s brave! i know people who do that, but i’m way too much of a planner! boys are definately a lot of fun- but so are girls. glad your family got to see you- we’ll be here in TX for the holidays too- due to work, not pregnancy!!- enjoy staying home!


  4. She said she is pretty sure it’s a boy because they got an early ultrasound at Life Choices and were pretty certain it was a boy. They said either way they are happy and whether it’s a boy or girl won’t change anything, except the name of course.


  5. Forgot to say, we had a great time with you guys last week and we already miss yall tons! Seeing Evy and Hannah play together again was priceless. It’s hard to think about not seeing yall for another 5-6 months, but that’s how things go I guess. I wish I could find an awesome pilot job in Seattle so we can go out there too. I haven’t stopped thinking about how awesome that place is! Love you guys! Oh, and give Evy a big “W” for me!!


  6. I don’t have a name suggestions but have you looked at the baby name wizard?

    also what is it with out-of-town guest and their obsession with cheese cake factory – I am so sick of that place!


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