“Intelligent People Disagree”

Because I could’ve written this.


And while I’m giving props to Chewymom, I might as well include this one since it pertains to our HOT TOPIC discussion.  

And this one.


2 responses to ““Intelligent People Disagree”

  1. I agree with Chewymom on most of what she said. One thing that really struck me that I haven’t really thought about before is when she said that many republicans claim the pro-life status to win votes or please their constituents.

    I voted for Bush in ’04 and don’t regret it, because Kerry would have been a disaster! (more so, than what many say Bush has been) But, has any progress been made toward overturning Roe vs. Wade? There are still abortions daily and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I am all for stopping abortions, but like chewymom said, we have to be realistic even with a pro-life candidate in the White House. Plus, like she said, if it was overturned there would be so many clauses within it to make abortion “ok” in certain circumstances, so really, we’re not making tons of progress are we?


  2. Andrew, there has been progress in overturning Roe v. Wade with the appointment of strict constructionist judges to the Supreme Court. It will take another Supreme Court decision to overturn it, and the appointment of judges is crucial to that. A liberal president WILL NOT appoint strict constructionist judges.


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