VP Debate

So I watched it, and I thought it was great!  Sarah Palin did MUCH better than I had expected given her previous interview flops.  She seemed totally on top of her game and super-focused.  Last night was the first time I’ve ever seen or heard anything from Joe Biden, and I really liked him.  I was a little worried that I might be knocked-over by the blinding light he emitted with every movie-star smile he flashed!  I watched a little bit of NBC’s after-the-debate commentary, and they all seemed to say that Palin “won” the debate, but maybe that was just the part I saw.  How do you even determine who wins those things anyway?  What did y’all think of it?  

***And how important is a VP anyway?  (I’m asking out of ignorance, not necessarily to make a point.)  Obviously the President is the most important one, but should reservations about a VP make that big a difference in who we vote for?


4 responses to “VP Debate

  1. Everything that I heard, saw, and read (obviously different from what you saw) actually claimed that Biden “won” the debate – even though Palin did avoid the flopping that she had done in previous engagements. Personally, I don’t particularly care who “won” the debate, but that’s what I saw in the media.

    As far as my opinion, I had 4 main observations

    1. All the debates about the facts drove me crazy. This is what it sounded like:
    Biden: I said that pen is green.
    Palin: No, you said it is red.
    Biden: No, to say it again, I said it is green and I always have.
    Palin: No, you said it is red when you voted…

    SERIOUSLY? This would be an excellent SNL skit.

    2. Palin dodged questions and chose implicitly and explicitly to speak “directly to the American people.” I understand that she was trying to reassure the American people that she was “real” and not into the political games, but she also made the (unwise) assumption that the American people didn’t want to hear her answers to the moderator’s questions. (My guess is that she did that when she didn’t know how to answer the question.) Instead of answering the question, she’d start talking about being a hockey mom or giving shout-outs to her brother’s third grade class. To quote a friend of mine, “I don’t want to know, necessarily, that she shoots moose – more power to her – but I want to know what her foreign policy is, how she would address education and health care in this country.”

    3. I think the VP candidate IS a very important part of the election process and influences who I, personally, will vote for.

    4. I have no major criticism nor celebration of Biden’s debate performance. It seemed solid to me, but nothing of significant note.

    That was long. 🙂


  2. this is me personally, but i just can’t get past the fact that when biden was debating obama back before the nomination was given to obama, biden himself said that “barack would not be ready to be commander in chief, because it doesnt lend itself to on-the-job training.” google it. biden also said that he would be honored to run as McCain’s VP!

    to me, this makes me question everything that comes out of Biden’s mouth. it’s like, is he saying these things because he just wants to be in the White House? or did he have a change of heart and really thinks Obama could be ready to be President now? either way, my conclusion is that Biden is “more of the same, Washington-insider elitist, GIFTED politician”- not a compliment.


  3. Wow, that’s interesting, Ashleigh, I hadn’t heard that!!!!!!! That does sound shady.


  4. We really have to pay attention to this one. And then we need to get to work on scrutinizing Congress.

    They did do the skit on SNL. When I saw it I just rolled!


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