Three things

1.  I’ve been a lazy blogger again.  Don’t worry, I am planning a Hot Topic post, I just need to work-up my motivation to sit-down and write it out. Evelyne’s asleep, and I’d SO much rather drink my chai tea and watch Desperate Housewives.

2.  My house is FREEZING!!!!!!!   The weather says it’s 66 degrees here today, and we went to the park this morning and it felt pretty nice in my short sleeves as long as I was in the sun.  However, my house is surrounded by lots of very tall trees, so we never get any direct sunlight.  This makes for a cold, dark cave feeling after about 3 in the afternoon.  It’s kinda depressing.  It also means that our house stays cold.  My neighbor said her house gets in the 80’s during the day from the sun (no one has air conditioner here, a totally new concept for us!), but our house stays around 65-70.  Right now it’s 65 and FREEZING!  Oh, and it’s pretty much been this way since we moved here in August.  I’m trying to avoid turning-on the heat until I can’t take it anymore since I know we’ll have to use it for most of the year, and I don’t even want to think about how high our heating bills are going to be in the winter!

3.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for a favorite pair of maternity jeans?  I have a pair but seem to have lost them in the move.  They’re from Motherhood and were ok, a little big in the waist, and they have the small elastic under-the-belly band.  I think this week might be my last week for my regular jeans, and I’m getting desperate.  Any favorites out there???


9 responses to “Three things

  1. Welcome to the world of cold states. We just came back from Seattle. It was 30 deg and snowing up at Rainier. Very cold. Oh yeah, we do not have central air either. You’ll get used to it. We just have 2 window units that we use off and on. It was a new concept for us when we moved to PA as well so I feel your pain. Luckily we only have to use it about 1 week out of the year the rest of the time we keep the windows open.


  2. First off, you made it this far in regular jeans!?!? WOW! I had good luck with the Motherhood “American Star” or somethign jeans…I’m sure the best jeans unfortunately are over the price you want to pay (and none of which I have ever tried on) GL!
    Can’t wait for hot topic post! Been looking for it!


  3. Sarah Christoph

    Hi Emily! I had lunch with Katie today! She is a great girl. So, about those jeans… um, if you’re trying to save money, here is something that worked for me… you’ll need: 1. your current pair of jeans. 2. a few saftey pins. 3. two rubber bands. Ok, once you’ve zipped your pants as high as they’ll go, saftey pin at that spot, then safety pin up higher on each side of the zipper and use the rubber bands to link the two pins together. repeat this all the way up the zipper and wear long maternity shirts or men’s T-shirts work too. If you have some cash, try Motherhood or Pea in the Pod. Also there is a GAP maternity online that could be good- but I don’t know for sure. Love your blog! Looking forward to the next! 🙂


  4. Hey girl. I have some maternity jeans that I could send you to borrow if you would like. I think Shelley has them right now, but I could try and get them back from her. She won’t need them for too much longer anyway. I would hate for you to have to spend a lot of money on some. I got them at consignment or thrift stores. I bet you could find some up there. I bet you have amazing stores up there. Don’t pay full price or even near to it for that matter. =) Let me know if you want me to get those from her and mail them to you.


  5. i’d be happy to send you mine as well… but they’d be capris on you. and i still wear them. a year later… but only b/c they flatten my tummy and are so comfy. i went against what leigh ann said since i had b-day money and bought some really great expensive ones- no thrift stores in small towns..and based on their price, i will wear them to the grave! but again, they flatten the tummy i can no longer blame on my 14 month old son, or 2 year old daughter, or six year old… perhaps i should start exercising… naaaah.


  6. My favorites are the roll panel jeans from Gap Maternity. I think you borrowed my pair with Evie, and I wore a hole in them when I was pregnant with Nash. I paid full price for them (@ $60), something I rarely do, but they were worth every penny!


  7. Laura, I do remember those pants, they were great!!! Leigh Ann, please don’t snatch them from Shelley, I’m sure she’ll need them for at least another month or two, but thanks for the offer. =) I went to the thrift store the other day to look, tried-on about 5 pair, and they were all hideous. (Who wants to wear skinny jeans when you’re pregnant?) I’m asking for a Target giftcard for maternity clothes for my birthday, but I don’t know if I can wait two more weeks! Right now all I have is regular jeans, a pair of gauchos, and maternity khaki pants whose elastic band is all rolled-up inside the material and they keep falling-down. Fun.


  8. Weather: The good weather is gone for the year… you’ll only see a few more pretty days before Christmas. (Plan a trip to the east side of the Cascade mountains to see the sun.)


  9. Motherhood’s Secret Belly jeans were my absolute FAVE! I did not find them until the last month or so on my last so I don’t know how they fit with a smaller belly. They were so, so comfy though. I found my other favorites at a consignment store in Everett. I’ll have to look up the name. What size are you just out of curiosity (or maybe because I have a bunch of maternity clothes I want to find a home for but think you are small than me)?


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