Second time around….

25 weeks tomorrow


9 responses to “Second time around….

  1. Pretty soon, Andrea Macie Jones will have a new best friend!!


  2. YAY! What a cute belly!


  3. Wow…time flies …you are so close already. I feel like you just announced your pregnancy. I am excited for you. 🙂


  4. so adorable….you look great, emily! call me soon!


  5. what a cute little bump! mine is WAY past the cute part and def at the going to pop part


  6. Hey Em, I love the photo of your unborn baby. Can you PLEASE please PLEASE post photos of the baby thats already here?!?! I’m dying over here and needing to see some new cute pictures of Evy!


  7. You are beautiful, my love! (How ya feeling?)


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