Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience

Soo…….   I’m just gonna post this clip and ask what y’all think.  Ain’t nobody hatin’, I’m just curious about others’ reactions to this Q&A.


5 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience

  1. hmmm… I think Palin needs to be careful about talking about her “experience” when it has to do with foreign policy. Just because Obama lacks experience in that area, doesn’t mean that Palin should try to one-up him on that topic. She should leave it to McCain.


  2. I am still sooo confused on who to vote for ….so I am not for or against anyone yet. But I have to say that this made me giggle…I had to replay it and ask myself “Did she really say that…no, she didn’t…wait, did she say what I think she said.” And than I had a good giggle like I was watching that show Wipeout or something….


  3. Admittedly I haven’t listened to a ton of her speaking engagements, but I have to say this is the first time I’ve thought she made a fool of herself.


  4. This video makes me cringe… but Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s opening skit was a HILARIOUS remake.


  5. At least Palin’s got some experience in dealing with Russians, it’s something that is crucial, especially with the recent problems in Georgia, who knows what might happen next?

    I’m voting for McCain and Palin for sure!


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