Hot Topics, anyone?

So yesterday a friend and reader proposed the idea of starting a weekly series of postings on “hot topics.”  Part of the idea was that it would be a chance for me to share what I think about certain issues (not like I’m an authority on anything, but it IS my blog!) and it would also be a good way to generate some discussion in the comments section.

I told her that I thought that was a great idea, but if I were to be honest (and that is the idea, isn’t it?), then I have to admit that regularly writing about controversial issues scares me.  Because while you probably can’t tell, I’m a pretty non-confrontational person who doesn’t enjoy disagreeing with people.  (You might be saying to yourself, “HA! I don’t believe that for a second!” based-on some of the posts I’ve written recently!)  But in light of the fact that blogging is my attempt to be honest with others and process my thoughts, I think it would probably be a great idea to have a very civil and generous discussion of issues that we probably all have different thoughts on.  Many of y’all that I know personally are awesome thinkers and writers whose opinions I really respect, and I’d love to hear you share your thoughts on here with everyone else.

I’m also hoping that this will draw-out some people that I know are regular readers but rarely or never comment.  (You know who you are!!!)  I definitely don’t want this to be about me and my all-knowing opinion, and although my voice will be primary since it’s my blog, I’m more interested in generating a good discussion and exploration of the issues since I know we could all learn from each other.  I’d also LOVE it if y’all would email me with ideas of topics you’d like to see discussed, I don’t want to be fully responsible for coming-up with topics!!! So if you have any ideas, email me at EmmyMC98 AT

So, what do you think?


5 responses to “Hot Topics, anyone?

  1. What reader and friend would recommend something like this?!?!? 🙂

    Go for it girl.


  2. I’m starting to do that more and more with my BabyCenter blog. I’d certainly link to you here when you do it – especially the less religious ones. I’m not against religion – I’m a Christian myself – but as I’ve started writing more and more, I am getting to the ilk that everyone has different beliefs, and because I often write about kids, I want to be sure my writing conveys appropriate ways to handle kids whether Mom or Dad is Christian, Buddist or nothing. I will always be Christian, but as John Lennon said so brilliantly, “Love is the Answer.” Or perhaps that attitude means I’m not an onfire Christian and somehow doing my religion a disservice? Tough call – hot topic. Want to take it?


  3. I think it’s a great idea. I’ve thought about writing about some controversial topics myself, but I never feel really qualified to put it all out there. I like commenting on other’s controversial blogs much better.


  4. Haha, Andrea, I don’t want to take that one! =) I can guarantee you there probably will be lots of Christian/religious topics, but I agree with you that those wouldn’t really be appropriate to be linked to a secular blog with such a varied readership like MomFormation. But hey, anything else, that would be great! =) OK, I need some emails, people!!!! Don’t put all this topic picking-out responsibility all on me!


  5. I think you should just blog of the topic of girls who are hot, much better, more interesting, and there will be pictures.


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