Looks like I’ll be getting a flu shot

Just saw this article about a study that shows that pregnant women who receive a flu shot help protect their unborn child from the flu and other respiratory infections after they’re born.  Growing-up I almost never got a flu shot, and I’ve never had the flu.  But I did get one when I was pregnant with Evelyne (since my job was paying for it), and I should probably go get another one now since my baby will be born in January, peak cold and flu season.  Just wanted to pass this along!


4 responses to “Looks like I’ll be getting a flu shot

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  2. I would make sure and get a thimerosal free one.


  3. About an hour after getting a flu shot while I was pregnant with Noah I had a pediatric pulmonologist(in the hospital I was working in) tell me about a new study he had just read about increasing the risk of ADD if you get the flu shot while you are pregnant. Now if you know Noah he is a wild child…..whether or not the two are related I just thought I’d pass that along.


  4. Hm, I hadn’t heard that, Jennifer, thanks for filling me in. I’ll try to look into that, I certainly don’t want to cause an ADD condition!


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