Hard Baby= Easy Toddler?

I was talking with someone the other day and she was telling me how of her two girls, the one that was a hard baby ended-up being an easy toddler, and the one that was an easy baby was a difficult toddler.  I know that’s definitely been true for us–Evelyne was a hard baby (relatively speaking), but she’s turned into a pretty easy toddler.  I mean, of course we have our moments and normal issues, but I would say that she’s much easier and more fun to be around than she was as an infant.  She’s happier and we’re MUCH happier. The baby who never wanted to be put down has turned into a toddler who’s pretty independent much of the time and plays by herself very well.  (another testament to the idea that you CANNOT SPOIL A BABY BY HOLDING HER TOO MUCH)

So I’m just wondering if this is a true phenomenon for anyone else?  Just curious.


9 responses to “Hard Baby= Easy Toddler?

  1. honestly, i can’t remember if it’s true. beth was hard, but only b/c she was the first- and she is both easy and hard and has been as a toddler. sarah jane- she’s an enigma. i’ll let you know when sam is a toddler. he’s an easy baby.


  2. Emily, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and thought I’d take a moment and introduce myself. I am from LHC and found you through JR. I enjoy what you write so keep it up. In my experience, that is true. Taylor (now almost 9) was a nightmare for a baby, but she is the best kid now and was as a toddler. Bradley, (now 5) was a docile baby, but was hell on wheels as a toddler, and to some extent still is. =) That’s my take anyway…


  3. I can’t say that was true for my children….they were both good babies and my son was an even better toddler. I will admit I did have to buy the book “How to Parent a Strong Willed Child”…but it was a short phase. However I know my Mom said that was sooooo true with us. I was a colicky horrible baby and once I hit 18 months I was her Angel child and my sister was a dreamy baby who slept and smiled all the time and changed when she hit the terrible 3’s….and has kept my Mom on her toes ever since (she is 28 now). 🙂


  4. I just read what I wrote…..I bought the book when my daughter turned 3…..not my son. Oops.


  5. What about HARD pregnancy easy INFANCY?? That’s what I’m praying for!!


  6. Hmmm thats a tough one. I think I have to say I disagree. My daughter was pretty easy as an infant and now as a toddler. My son on the other hand was pretty rough and still has his rough moments at 20 months. But again lots of other factors could be added to that. Tough one but hadnt heard that saying before.


  7. For me definitely not! The serenest pregnancy produced the calmest baby who was the quietest toddler and is now the least confrontational teen i’ve heard of. Whereas from the hard-work pregnancy came the 24/7 baby who hit the “twos” at 9 months, continued till he was 5 1/2, and at 8 is still the liveliest and most volatile person not only in this house but in his year at school. Exhausted just describing him! (And he’s a total delight – they both are. Whatever attribute each doesn’t have, the other does; so i have the best of both worlds.)


  8. Shea was an easy baby until she was 6 months old, then we hit a rough patch that hasn’t really let up. She is a delight and sweet as can be, but she’s strong-willed and exhausting at times. For example, yesterday morning when I told her to come here, she looked at me, said “I don’t want to,” and sat down. Ten minutes later, I told her she could put one more coin in the piggy bank, and then we had to leave. She put in one more, asked to put in another one, and I said no. She then looked defiantly at me and said “No, one more,” and did it anyway! Oh, how Jon and I are praying for wisdom to parent our sweet girl! I think that’s only a partial transalation to easy baby, hard toddler. Nash’s personality has been easy, but at 5 months, he’s still up twice during the night. I don’t know whether that’s easy or hard.


  9. OK, apparently my theory isn’t universal!!!! =) And maybe I spoke too soon anyway, Ev’s been a nightmare these past few days!


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