What I’ve noticed in all the Sarah Palin outrage/excitement

Welll…. the blogosphere is just hopping with opinions and rants about Sarah Palin’s nomination to be John McCain’s VP.  Every freaking blog I read is talking about it, and the comment wars are in full-force.  That’s not somewhere I’d like to go because politics isn’t really my forte, and I don’t want to pretend that I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to things like that.  BUT.  I have noticed some pretty unsurprising things about how everyone is reacting to her nomination.  I’m unbelievably NOT shocked at how inconsistent people are being in regards to the “controversial” aspects of her candidacy.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

* Most Christian Republicans I’ve come into contact with are thrilled about her.  She’s a woman who is pro-life (and lives it out in her life even when it’s tough) and is firm on every other social issue that Christian conservatives tend to see as primary.  Be that as it may, I’m a little confused why the same people who would never vote for Hillary as President simply because of her gender have no hesitation with Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  (a very real possibility since McCain is old as dirt)  She’s not seen as stepping out of “her place” or role as a woman since she is championing the conservative agenda.  The same Christians who are adamant about never putting a woman in any position of leadership over a man seem to suddenly not have a problem with it.  Hmmm….

* The Democrats, particularly women, have big issues with her job as a mother.  The same feminists who fight for a woman’s right to have equal opportunities with men in the workforce without respect to her family obligations and gender are suddenly all over Palin because of her responsibilities at home.  Not sure if I could imagine them saying the same things if it were a Democratic nominee.

* All of a sudden this has become a tension point in the ongoing Mommy Wars between stay-at-home moms and work-out-of-home moms.  Oddly enough, the way the party lines fall, the responses have been kinda funny to me:  Conservative Christian SAHM’s who tend to make working out of the home a moral issue are in great support of Palin.  Because she’s a Republican Christian, she’s all of a sudden one of them.  I’ve also noticed some Democratic WOHM’s who won’t vote for her because they think she can’t be good at her job because of her mommy responsibilities.  Hmmm….

* The liberals who want to drop condoms from the rafters in high schools and whose mantra is “they’re gonna do it anyway” are all of a sudden so concerned about Palin’s parenting skills since her teenage daughter is pregnant.  Because surely she could’ve prevented it.  Surely it’s a negative reflection on her parenting.

I do feel badly for Palin with all the horrible slander and lies that are being told about her.  But what annoys me is that people’s opinions about her are just sooooo convenient.  She’s living a life that a feminist should be proud of, but instead they’re condemning her because of her gender.  (No one is asking Obama how in the world he’s going to hold office with such young children.)  She’s a walking contradiction for many Christian conservatives because she’s someone whose policies they want to vote for as well as being a woman in leadership over men with the potential to rule the entire country.  (Obviously this isn’t an issue for everyone, but it is for some and I’m noticing people totally glossing over it in a way that they wouldn’t if it were a Democratic nominee….and the way they didn’t gloss over it when it could’ve been Hillary.)

PLEASE watch this video, if not for the fact that Jon Stewart is hilarious and entertaining, then because it’s such a scarily accurate picture of how two-faced people are being when it comes to Palin.  Politics-schmolitics!!!!!!


9 responses to “What I’ve noticed in all the Sarah Palin outrage/excitement

  1. Hello. There are a number of issues with blind feminism. First women are the beneficiaries. Even at the expense of their children. Sarah Palin is a prime example of that. She holds her dear infant son with special needs for a cover photo op for People magazine and his daddy and relatives will see to him for the next four years. Hogwash. Second, women can’t have their cake and eat it too. The day Sarah Palin and her co-female caucasion Republican Governors and co-horts want to purport that she has the same rights as any father, then I want to see those same disingenous hypocrites fight for the legal PRESUMPTION pro-mothers that CHILDREN BELONG WITH THEIR MOTHERS WHEN THEY ARE BORN UNLESS THEIR MOTHERS ARE UNFIT, OR GAVE UP CUSTODY. Women can’t expect to enjoy the protection of the law ensuring the REALITY that when children are in developmental stages they need to be nurtured and most primary caretakers are their mommas. So Palin is not being dealt w/unfairly in this scrutiny. She is being held to the reasonable standard any child naturally would. Where the heck is my mother?????????????? Oh, the country needed her first. This will not do, b/c she is inept to run this country and she has three substantially underage children that she gave birth to, so implicitly agreed to PARENT. http://www.mulloverthis.wordpress.com


  2. Sorry, please edit to for those women to fight “against”, not “for” the legal presumption.


  3. I must say that I’m really excited about her. Of course, I work full time, have two small children, and am politically conservative. One thing to note, the vice presidency won’t require any more of her time than her governorship already does.


  4. OK, Mulloverthis, that’s great, but I really don’t want my blog to become one of those with a comment war, so let’s keep the impassioned rhetoric to a minimum.


  5. I had seen the John Daily video already, and have to agree with you…people’s opinions are oh so convenient. Politics-schomolitics is right.


  6. Very astute. Especially regarding the hypocrisy of both parties.


  7. Sorry Emily, don’t agree that my commentary was empassioned rhetoric, i’ve substantiated it with too many facts to be dubbed that, however, i’ll keep my comments to a minimum. Thanks for the opp to share!


  8. Haha! Amen! My thoughts exactly! (I even blogged about it too- and mentioned the fact that no one cares that Obama has little kids at home…lol)
    People are never ever ever going to be satisfied and I’ve decided I just have to laugh at it. I’m from Ohio (although not born here) and I find it SO FUNNY that all winter we ( as a state) whine and moan about how horrible the weather is and how cold and snowy it is (um, it’s WINTER!) and then all summer complain about how hot and humid it is…. never happy.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  9. For some reason my name didn’t become a link in my comment- if interested it’s http://www.sprinkles.wordpress.com


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