We’ve been robbed!

Yep. Robbed.

Last night Ev and I went to the grocery store and got back around 5:30.  I had my arms full of groceries (and even Ev was carrying a bag) when we went inside, and I was trying to help her up the steps, so I forgot to lock the van.  And shut the garage door.  Clay came home around 7:30 and noticed the garage door was up, but for some reason it didn’t register that he should close it.  So to bed we went!

This morning we got in the van go to somewhere and noticed that our garage door opener was missing.  Later when we got home we realized some other things from our garage were also gone: our video camera, Clay’s camera, his big toolbox and all his tools, his new weedwacker, and fancy flashlight.  There may be more, but we just moved everything in so we’re not positive about what was sitting where.  Oh, and we realized that the door from the garage into the house had been open all night, too!  I’m pretty sure the burglar didn’t come inside because he would’ve seen our laptop lying out in the open, and that’s about the only thing we have worth stealing, and it’s definitely still here.

So I’m totally weirded-out that someone was in our garage stealing stuff.  We’ve had construction work going-on down the street all week, so I don’t know if it was a worker or just someone random, but supposedly this is a really safe area.  Our next-door neighbors leave their garage door open all day long and sometimes all night long!  (we’re going to go warn them)  Having someone break-in (or walk-in, I guess) my house is one of my worst fears, so it’s weird that it’s kinda happened.  But I am reassured that even though the door to the house was open they didn’t come-in. The thing that really disturbs me is that they took our garage door opener.  That kinda makes me wonder if they’re planning-on coming back.  So I called the door company and they told us how to deactivate it and we’re getting another opener this weekend.

Here’s the bright side of things:  We have renter’s insurance with only a $100 deductible.  (I don’t know why in the world I chose such a low deductible when we bought the policy four years ago, but thank goodness I did!)  The video camera was broken, nothing showed on the screen, so that criminal is going to get a funny surprise when he realizes it doesn’t work!  (not to mention he didn’t even take the charger or the memory card!) Clay’s camera that got stolen was really nice, but we never use it and were planning-on selling it.  So now we don’t have to worry about selling it, we’ll just get the amount it’s worth from the insurance company  The tools being gone sucks, but we should be able to buy everything back with the insurance money.  So, we were going to have to pay to get the video camera fixed anyway, this way we’ll be able to just buy a new one instead, plus a newer digital camera, for only $100.

So…. I’m a little freaked-out, but surprisingly ok about it all.  So, make sure you shut your garage doors, people, even if you live in a small and safe town!


10 responses to “We’ve been robbed!

  1. Stinky, sorry to hear this Emily. Since the burglar has your garage door opener I think you guys should leave a plate of cookies out every night with a note to come and knock on your door if there’s anything else you can help him out with.


  2. Wow!! I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m so glad your spirits are up, though. We’ll be praying for you guys!


  3. yikes! i hear you on this being a huge fear…it’s so invasive to think someone was in your garage, rummaging through your stuff, while you were there! and, i’m amazed at how excited you are about getting new stuff with your renters insurance. you.crack.me.up. glad y’all are ok!


  4. OMGosh how scary. But it is odd that in the end it all works out! Have fun shopping!


  5. I’m so sorry! This makes me so ashamed of my home state. I betcha it was someone from out of state. Yeah. That’s it. Someone not born here. And of coures not someone from your state either.


  6. Emily I can’t believe this happended! Yikes! I’m so sorry – I hope it hasn’t colored your opinion of WA or the people here. Most of us are really nice, I promise! 🙂 So glad the insurance thing is such a bright side!


  7. haha, Julie, that made me laugh out loud! We talked to our neighbors to warn them, and they were all super surprised. They said they’ve never had any problems or heard of anything happening around here—they even leave their doors unlocked and garages open pretty often! I think it was just one big unlucky mistake! We love the Washingtonians so far! =)


  8. Interesting how it is such a rare thing to happen in that neighborhood and it happens to you guys. Who happen to need a new camera. And also happen to be pretty excited about it. Hmmm. Suuuuure you were robbed. 🙂 j/k. I’m glad they didn’t come in. I would hate for Clay to have to kick some booty!


  9. Of course the one house that gets robbed in the Seattle metro area would happen to be y’alls.

    😦 So sorry for you both. If it makes you feel any better, my car was broken into last year and they took my laptop.


  10. i’m so late on blog-reading…This is scary though! glad the laptop remains safe!


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