My first time at the birthing center

So I just got back from my first consultation with a midwife at the birthing center. I had read a lot about it on their webpage, so I kinda knew what to expect, but it was still a much different experience than visiting an obstetrician.  I loved it.

As I wrote in a previous post, we induced with Evelyne, and it was a heavily medicated birth. After watching The Business of Being Born, Clay and I decided to pursue a natural birth for this baby. I did a bit of Google-ing and discovered that a very well established and reputable midwife practice and birthing center are less than a mile from our new house here in Kirkland.  (as well as practically next-door to the hospital)  So, at 20 weeks pregnant, tonight we met with a midwife and learned more about what they do.

It was just so great.  So so so great.  We met in one of the birthing rooms, which is basically just a nicely decorated bedroom with a huge bathtub and couches.  It was such a relaxed and comfortable environment.  They have a family room where people can hang-out while you labor if you don’t want them in the room.  It had a tv, couches, and a ton of toys for the kids.  So we dragged a few toys into the birthing room and let Evelyne go to town while we talked.

I was very impressed with the statistics she gave me regarding my chances of having to be transferred to a hospital, having a complication, or receiving an episiotomy.  Clay and I both actually teared-up and I started crying a little bit when she was talking about what the experience would look like and how it would be different from what I had in the hospital.  Specifically, she was saying how they wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsing before cutting it since it gives the baby much more oxygen and a gentler entry into the world.  (she said it’s usually cut so early because the doctor needs to hand-off the baby to the nurses for a check-up, not because of any health reason for the baby.)  She said that never would my baby be removed from me.  Clay could catch the baby as it comes-out, and I can reach down and pull it up onto my chest where it will stay until I’m ready to pass it to the midwife.  They’ll do the exact same check-up on the baby that happens in the hospital, but they will lay the baby on the bed next to me to do it.

I got to hold Evelyne for about 5 seconds before she was removed to the little plastic bed across the room where they cleaned her up.  She wasn’t making any noise and I couldn’t see her because of the crowd around her.  It took about 10 minutes before I could hold her, and it felt like a lifetime.  She was fine, but I was expecting to hear a cry and kept worrying that something was wrong because I couldn’t see or hear her.  So I started crying a little bit tonight when the midwife was telling me that I’M the parent and get to be the one to hold my baby when it’s being checked-out and cleaned-off and no one will try to take it away.  Clay and I both just had such a strong feeling that that’s how it’s meant to be and we’re so excited about pursuing this type of birth. I have a feeling it’s going to be an adventure!

I have my first official prenatal appointment with them next week, so I’ll keep y’all upated!


5 responses to “My first time at the birthing center

  1. Wow!! I’m really impressed. I’m sitting here listening to this and it sounds beautiful, but I’m still not sure I could do it. I’m really proud of you guys!


  2. This sounds wonderful, Em!! Are you and Clay planning to find out what you are having this time? I am so thankful things are falling into place for you in Kirkland!


  3. So exciting! I am thrilled that you found such a wonderful place to give birth to #2. What an adventure this will be! So…how are you preparing for the birth? Taking classes?


  4. Yes, we are finding-out, but we probably won’t have the ultrasound for awhile since it won’t be covered under insurance until we get on Clay’s new plan in November. Court, I do plan-on taking a class…. I’ve already met a girl here who had her son at the same place and she said the class they offer is wonderful, so I suppose I’ll do that….hoping it works-out with Clay’s schedule. I’m also reading some books right now, I’ll blog on that soon…


  5. Sounds amazing. Good luck! I always wanted a water birth and still hope to have one.


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