Call me a slacker

I’ve been such a blogging slacker lately, sooo…… sorry.

It kinda feels like real life has started again.  Clay’s working at the new job, I’m home with Ev during the days…. it hasn’t been this way since before Clay graduated in May, but we’re sliding right back into our old routines.  Poor Clay has been working his cute little bootie off as he gets slammed with a huge patient load while still trying to learn the computer system and figure-out how to adjust to the new clinic.  He was definitely at work yesterday for 17 hours.  17 HOURS.  From 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.  (lots of paperwork to finish before the weekend)  Thankfully, he works 4 ten-hour days and has Fridays off.  We barely, and I mean barely, saw him this past Monday- Thursday, but the three whole weekend days with him home are pretty great so far.  We know these kind of hours are temporary until he gets caught-up with everything, so I’m just thanking God that he’s an hourly employee and gets overtime for it!!!!

Ev and I LOVE having furniture and a house that looks a bit more normal.  We still have boxes everywhere and a pile of clothes that need to be washed, but it feels like home.  (We packed all of our breakables with our own clothes, and while that seemed to be a great method since nothing but a couple of coffee mugs and a wine glass broke during the move, we had a laundry pile that was seriously about 8 feet long and 2 feet high!)

So far we really like the church that we’ve been going to (all three times), and we’re looking for every opportunity to get involved there.  I’ve spent time hanging with Jennifer and her two sweet girls (her husband works with Clay), and she even took pity on my poor friendless soul and invited me to her playgroup this week.  (which was great, by the way)  Tonight Landon and Chelsea took us out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Bellevue which was AWESOME.  One of my favorite places to eat, and it was great to connect with a college friend and meet his sweet fiancee.

So, I think we’re settling a little bit.  I’m still a little glassy-eyed over our new DVR, and Clay doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he has an entire channel devoted to soccer.  Evelyne’s discovering the joys of Sesame Street for the first time and watches it while she eats breakfast and screams “EH-MAH!!!!!” (Elmo) the entire time. We’ve Skyped our families a few times, and that’s just SO fun, I can’t believe we live in a time with technology that allows us to video chat and see each other!

So that’s really all that’s going-on with us right now.  I’m actually really surprised at how normal everything feels for me right now.  I’m kinda wondering when the other shoe is gonna drop, when am I going to break-down and cry over all the things and people I miss back home?  I do miss everyone…. but I think my mind is preoccupied with absorbing the newness of it all and how to establish a life here that the adjustment has been pretty easy so far.  I am fully expecting to have a 2 a.m. crying freak-out moment in another month or so once it really hits me.  But for now….. we’re good.


7 responses to “Call me a slacker

  1. it’s ok that you’ve left us hanging while you get your new life in order… i’m glad that you’re meeting people, attending church (that was honestly the best thing we did to get connected back to the body of Christ) glad things are looking up. yes, you’ll have break-down moments. my most memorable break-down moment was when russ and i stepped into our apartment and he got out a measuring tape to see if all our furniture would fit once the movers arrived. he had all the dimensions of furniture in a file. there was no, “welcome home! sweetie, it’ll be alright here!” it was “where are we going to put our stuff” (ever the engineer) i lost it. that’s putting it mildly. you’ll be lonely, but not until everything is put into it’s place.
    isn’t sesame street great? bethany (6yrs old) is asking to watch it again, after being “too old” for it- b/c she now gets the jokes. she told me, “mama, that show is funny and sarah jane doesn’t even get it!” we shared a good laugh over that. Russ calls it SNL for toddlers. enjoy the DVR. i could get WAYY. addicted to that!


  2. Emily, I’m just 6 hours away from M-town and I’ve had MANY “crying freak-out” moments. You’re doing so well~if those do come though, I find it entirely healthy and good to let it all flow. A good cry I have definitely had over this first week of being in Louisville!


  3. thanks for the advice Emily, I tend to worry over anything 🙂 so glad yall are getting settled, I still can’t believe yall live in Washington! glad to keep up with you on here and will be praying for you 🙂



  4. Moving never really hit home for me until the first time I went back home. Then I realized that I missed my family. Of course, we also enjoy being away. 🙂 We enjoy the adventure of finding new places to visit in the area. Hey, I found a cool place for you to visit. We’re going to spend a day in Seattle when we come in 3 weeks. This is a place that looks awesome:


  5. Isn’t Skype great! We’ve been using been using it when we can (not that often) to keep in touch with Rob while he’s away.


  6. Oh, since you insisted – Slacker!!!


  7. I’m so glad that you’re doing well! We are, of course, missing you here. A while back at small group, we talked about what you would have contributed to the group had you been there. Your presence was definitely missed! Now, we just have to imagine, “What would Emily or Clay have said?” Hehe.


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